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Nov 14, 2012 11:24 AM

Tazah on the Plateau/Syrian in general

Is Tazah still around? if so, any foodee input? How about Syrian food in general in that area?

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    1. re: catroast

      I loved Kaza Maza for a while but am afraid to return after a bad experience a year or so ago & after hearing the chef had moved on to Damas. Has anyone been to KazaMaza recently? How was it?

      1. re: stak

        I said I wouldnt go back to KazaMaza after poor service but ended up there for brunch as couldnt find parking in places we wanted to go. Service still not good (forgot coffee, disinterest, slow) but the chickpea casserole with yogurt/tahini sauce was tasty, layered veggie egg dish a bit dry-we shared and enjoyed both. Good portions. I went with vegetarian so choices limited as most had meat
        I notice sister restaurant Damas is serving lunch now (cost 22$)

    2. Damas is hands down the best Syrian restaurant in town. We know, we're Syrian, and we're restaurant bloggers :)

      Look at this fattouch picture. The BEST in Montreal!

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      1. re: 514eats

        What dishes do you recommend at Damas for a Syrian cuisine novice?

        1. re: hungryann

          Go for any of the fattehs. Here you see the fattet makdous (small eggplants).

      2. Tazah only opened like six weeks ago!

        We had one delicious, cheap meal there at lunch time - a tasty, simple fattouch and yummy Syrian panini. Nothing too fancy, but priced for regular people (not for fancy Damas-style meals). Looking forward to going back.

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        1. re: nikkori

          We also had lunch at Tazah a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed a simple, tasty luch that was reasonably priced.

        2. I'm pretty fond of Alep (and petit Alep) on Jean Talon. They sort of have 2 parts to the restaurant, one side serving more lunch type meals., though I've tried both sides since I work nearby and they've always been super delicious.