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Nov 14, 2012 11:19 AM

ethnic caterers for non-sitdown wedding party

My fiancee and I are looking for 3-4 caterers for our wedding party. This is going to be relatively sitdown banquet.

We're thinking we want to pick 2-3 different caterers from around the world, plus maybe one caterer with US-style comfort food (e.g., fried chicken) for the less adventurous.


Thank you!

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  1. We used Wafa's Kitchen from Glendora for our Wedding as a Lebanese Caterer. She and her husband, were amazing and the food was excellent, guests still bring up how good the food was at our wedding. (5 years later). The best part was that it was relatively in expensive with excellent service and great quality.

    1. Imma try to get Ricky and Mexicali for mine...and a cazadores fountain.

        1. re: tissue

          +1 on Shim Mi. Used them for my wedding and there was no food left after the wedding. The only thing left was some kimchee which my friends brought home. Everybody (Korean and non-Korean) all said how good the food was especially for a wedding. Relatively inexpensive per person.

        2. The lovely folks running the food stands in front of LAX-C on weekends (a.k.a. "the som tam lady", "the satay & sausage guy" and "the coconut cakes lady") do a combined catering act which I would presume must be ridiculously delicious. Haven't yet hired them myself, but they have business cards at the weekend stand with catering contact info.