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Nov 14, 2012 10:57 AM

Why are all the authentic ramen in Toronto so salty?

I've been to several ramen places that promised authentic tasting ramen, and no matter what I order, the broth always seem to be so salty! Doesn't matter if its miso, shio, shoyu, etc.
Of course this is just my opinion.
Is ramen supposed to be this salty?
Is ramen in Japan supposed to be as salty as the ones in Toronto?
Perhaps this is just an acquired taste...?

Oh yes, the places I am referring to are Kinton, Sansotei, and Santouka

Does anyone else have this problem?

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  1. Kinton's owners are Korean iirc.

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      okay, I guess I'll rephrase the question

    2. Yes it's supposed to be fatty and salty. I think it's good. I don't find any of them here overly salty at all.

      1. Ya, the ramen in Japan is just as salty. Although I don't find them salty at all, I know those that are more sensitive to saltiness find ramen generally too salty.

        1. I think in some cases, they keep the broths on boil and with evaporation, broth becomes saltier and saltier and they don't realize it. Sometimes I find the broth tastes watered down - which likely usually happens if they add too much water to offset the evaporation.

          1. Authentic ramen in Japan is in fact very salty. It is supposed to be.
            As to whether a non-Japanese Asian is making it changes it- well- the Japanese got ramen from the Chinese, so I wouldn't sweat the flavor of Asian issue too much.