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St. Paul Breakfast

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There was an older post by the same name from 2008, but I'm sure a lot has changed (or maybe hasn't) in the realm of good St. Paul breakfasts. I'm meeting a friend on Saturday morning, and we're trying to figure out where to eat. I would love to hear everyone's favorite place and dish. And.... go!

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  1. Since 2008, Colossal Cafe has opened a second location in St. Paul. That is certainly worthy of a recommendation. Also, although I haven't tried it yet, Foxy Falafelis now serving breakfast (recently reviewed on heavytable.com).

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      Agreed - Colossal has some great things going on; I've been happy each visit. In particular, I've liked their sandwiches (their biscuits and bread are great) and omelettes but the thing that I keep coming back to is the biscuits and gravy (their home made sausage is great, unless you have an aversion to sage). The cinnamon rolls are very tasty, too.

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        How crowded is the St. Paul Colossal Cafe? I was tempted to go there the other weekend with friends, but was worried about long waits.

        So our second choice was Foxy Falafel, because it was supposedly their "opening weekend" for breakfast/brunch, but the web site said they were closed and they weren't answering their phone.

        So we ended up at Maria's. Not new, but still great.

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          Too crowded to wait with an active toddler! I can't say for sure, but it does seem there is a "reserved" table in the back for a group. It can't hurt to call and ask what the deal is...


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            It can get pretty busy, but it seems like it's a late (for me) rush - we've been there a couple times at about 8:30 - 9:00 on a weekend and haven't had a wait. By the tail end of our meal, it's usually much busier.

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              Anne, the last time I was at Maria's for a weekend brunch, maybe 1-2 years ago (?), it was empty and REALLY dirty. I posted about it here and took a LOT of flak for it....

              So now it is great again? That would be a good thing, as we used to love it....

        2. Tops on my St Paul list is Shish. Gotta have the chaksuka.

          If you would rather have a full service restaurant, Bon Vie. Eggs Benedict is my go to dish there. If you are interested in helping out a brand new place, The French Hen Cafe. They opened this week in the old Bon Vie space. I've only had the Creole hash; it was quite nice.

          1. Also, here's a thread from just a year ago. I'm sure most of it is still relevant.


            1. I love brunch at Meritage if you can wait until 10:30, but there's lots new to explore on the St. Paul breakfast scene as indicated by previous posters.


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              1. I highly recommend Foxy. Every Sunday morning we started our day with falafel from Foxy at Kingfield farmers market, usually the stoplight which has the Foxy (green herbs), curry (think turmeric color and awesome flavor) and beet (deep red and served with a preserved lemon/goat cheese sauce that is awesome). Add in some of the best hummus and great cabbage slaw and you have a really good and healthy meal.

                1. The Strip Club has a really nice breakfast. I recommend it for the food, and do not care one whit for what people think of the name.

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                    +1 for the SC brunch. Outstanding.

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                      Still on my list to try... What time does the brunch start? And it's both days of the weekend?


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                        From their website:

                        Brunch Hours:
                        Saturday & Sunday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

                        378 Maria Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55106 :: phone: 651-793-6247 or 1-877-do-meats :: email: contact@domeats.com

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                          It starts at 9:00 a.m., and it's both days of the weekend.

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                        The Strip Club is easily my favorite Saint Paul restaurant for breakfast. Consistently good, interesting options, reasonable prices, and good coffee.

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                          The logger's tower and duck confit hash are two of the best breakfast/brunch dishes I've ever had. Just outstanding.

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                            Ha! I just posted about the Logger's Tower too. Yummo!

                      3. Bon Vie for fancy, Magnolia's for great traditional neighborhood joint food.

                        1. Ooo... St. Paul Breakfast. Something I'm pretty proficient in. :) My faves in order of preference:

                          1) Bon Vie - I know everyone loves the eggs bennie and it is good, no doubt. However, my faves here are the omelet and the special pancakes. If you hit them a day when they've got the lemon ricotta ones, count yourself very lucky. I could gorge on those. LOVE them! We go here at least once every weekend.

                          2) Strip Club - You may see a theme, but I love the Logger's Tower - layers of pancakes, ham and eggs. Yes, you'll probably need a defibrillator when it's all over, but it's really, really good.

                          3) Meritage - Who can pass up little beignets for breakfast? And the maple sausage... delicious!

                          We're going to try out the French Hen Cafe this weekend.

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                            As promised, we went to the French Hen Cafe this morning. It was ok, but given the choices of breakfast places in St. Paul and Mpls, we won't be back any time soon. Hubster and I went with a friend. The highlights -

                            The space is adorable. They painted it so that it and Fleur de Lis next door really seem like all one place. It's light and bright. The tables aren't crowded together like they were when it was Bon Vie. I have to say they did a really nice job with the remodel.

                            The place wasn't super busy and our server was very nice and attentive in the beginning. She even brought us a little amuse of the buttermilk white chocolate craisin scones. Got us water and coffee right away. But then she ran to the grocery store or something and we were pretty much forgotten about by the other servers. Another server did finally take our order, but the wait was far longer than it should have been. A server's family, with her small child, also came in and while I don't have a problem with you having your family at your place of work you probably shouldn't let it sidetrack you so much that you forget you're there to do a job.

                            On to the food.

                            Hubster ordered the creole hash, friend had the omelet florentine, and I had the croque suzette (which was really a croque madame). It seemed like it took a while to get our entrees given that they weren't super busy, but we get that this was there first weekend open and there are always kinks to work out. All items were served with a root vegetable hash. We all agreed that our items were sort of ho-hum. Not bad, but nothing out of this world either. We all also equally agreed that we didn't like the root vegetable hash at all. In fact our friend and I both left ours on our plates. I can't really place why I didn't like it other than I think maybe the root veggies chosen were too sweet (lots of carrots) rather than a bit more savory like a potato). I guess maybe I just prefer hashbrowns with my eggs. In any event, the hash was a dud for us across the board.

                            They were good about keeping our coffee cups filled and once our original server returned from the grocery store, she was very attentive. So all in all, not a total bust, but we definitely prefer other places for breakfast. It would probably be a while before we'd go back and I wouldn't both with that hash again.

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                              Seige, I was at the French Hen Cafe this morning. I'm sure I was there at the same time you were there.

                              I agree they did really nice things with the decor.

                              As soon as I came in, I got my water, amuse, and menu right away. Then I waited. Three waitresses each walked by me a couple of times as I had put down my menu and tried to make eye contact. After about 10 minutes, I had to flag someone down. Yes, there was a table in the middle with a woman and 3 young girls who appeared to know one of the waitresses. All the waitresses seemed engaged with this family.

                              At some point during the meal I heard a couple behind my left shoulder say something. I then heard their waitress apologize for something profusely and then said their meal would be up shortly.

                              The food. I had the gruyere omelet with the root vegetable hash. Both were very bland. Nothing was very brown including the toast. I like a little caramelization or crispiness. The omelet was more frittata-like so that I felt it would have had brown edges.

                              I agree with your assessment of the hash. It was too sweet. I crave the savory also. It might have been better with some butter or caramelization.

                              They gave me a huge box for half the meal I did not eat. The top wouldn't stay closed so the little cubes of hash spilled on the floor of my back seat.

                              After all these minor irritations, I realized I left my credit card and went back a few hours later. It was very busy then and the waitresses all seemed attentive. They were very friendly about returning my credit card. It was then I decided I might go back to try lunch, but I probably would not go to breakfast again. I still love Bon Vie in spite of it being crowded and Cheeky Monkey in spite of it being noisy.

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                                Just noticed on the French Hen's website (http://www.frenchhencafe.com) that they are now offering a choice of hashbrowns with their breakfast items. Might be willing to go back and give it another try if I don't have to be subjected to that root vegetable hash again.