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Nov 14, 2012 10:13 AM

Pret a Manger Franklin St. Now Open - free lunch today and tomorrow

If you want to try the newest outpost of the Euro chain, they are handing out an entire lunch (sandwich, weird, canned sugary "yoga" drink, popcorn, and brownie bite) and the bag included vouchers for free soup and free coffee next week - today and tomorrow only at the downtown location - Franklin and Pearl St.

My first try of Pret - I was impressed with the freshness and tastiness of the Balsamic Chicken Avocado sandwich with mesclun greens on whole grain bread (there were other choices, including vegetarian). Their bagged popcorn is fine and their brownie is super gooey and very dark chocolately - not my choice, but fresh. They also gave away baked goods upon request - almond croissant reported to be good.

The line snaked around the corner along the side of the building but took under 10 minutes as it was fast-moving.

Curious what others who have tried it elsewhere recommend once I choose to pay for lunch there...or what soups to look for next week.

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  1. For what it's worth, this isn't really an "opening." They're giving stuff away until they run out. They don't open until Friday.

    I thought the chicken and avocado sandwich was very good. Simple, fresh, not too oily. The brownie, I thought, was really quite good. I could've eaten thirty of them. All told, I'm confident asserting that it's not "very" dark chocolatey, but I eat 100% cacao bars for fun so my tastes range toward the extreme end of that spectrum.

    I saw the almond croissants as well -- I thought of that thread about the same item at Crema Cafe recently.

    Employees here were VERY enthusiastic and friendly. I'm not sure if it was all full-time Boston staffers, or if they trucked in staff VIPs or what, but this'll be a very highly-regarded lunch stop if they maintain those attitudes. It was a very good vibe and atmosphere, and the food was good. Arrows are pointing up here.

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      Fond memories of Pret in London. Did any of you happen to catch the prices of the sandwiches? I remember they are reasonable, but curious what that equated to here in Dollars.

    2. The one on Boylston Street says it will open on Monday the 19th. Lots of activity inside but no freebies that I know of.

      Current activity: dressed up like Native Americans and Pilgrims and yelling like all get out.

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      1. re: C. Hamster

        The Boylston one is doing this same thing tomorrow and Friday.

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          The very upbeat and friendly employees outside Franklin mentioned that Boylston Street would be "open" and doing the same thing with the giveaways tomorrow and Thursday. They did seem to have people manning registers but I saw no sales taking place during my brief visit - just the croissant giveaway I mentioned above.

          1. Braved the cold and a long line to get the free lunch.

            Since I had had too many chicken/avacado and mature cheddar sandwiches when I was in PAris/London a few weeks ago, I opted for tuna and my co-worker opted for chicken and bacon. Both were very tasty.

            The brownie quite fudgie. Have no had the popcorn yet.

            The drink-- "Sparkling Yoga Bunny Detox" -- was warm so its chilling.

            The staff was overly exhuberant to the point of mild annoyance. I hope they calm down.

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            1. re: C. Hamster

              Haha. Yeah I doubt they'll be literally chanting and cheering come next week.

              Word clearly got out downtown. I'd estimate a line of 150 people at noon.

              1. re: FinnFPM

                They were wearing costumes and shouting yesterday ...Too much organic coffee....

                1. re: C. Hamster

                  If you're giving me a voucher for a free organic coffee, you can slap me in the face for all I care!