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Nov 14, 2012 10:13 AM

Are you using Convection or Not for your T-Bird on Thanksgiving

I'll admit - I have not truely DIALED in on the convection oven aspects aside of my Wolf DF yet. I still prefer roasting chicken in the non convection side.

Just curious for those who have both modes *convection/non* - which one are you choosing for your bird.

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  1. Non-convection, for me, but I see nothing wrong with choosing the convection option....I just think it's not necessary.

    1. I ALWAYS cook my turkey on cooks quicker - and with the air circulating - it browns better.

      1. We have it but we aren't using it. We smoke our turkey outside.

        1. My Thanksgiving was a month ago, but my turkey was cooked using convection as all roasted meat is in my kitchen.

          1. I'll be using Trivection. GE's combination of radiant, convection, and microwave. It produces a luxuriantly moist and delicious turkey in about 1/3 of the standard cooking time. The only thing I have to remember is to roast the turkey in a glass baking dish or the spine/back will be shielded from the microwaves by a metal pan and rare, if not raw, while the rest of the bird is perfect. I think I can manage that. The biggest problem with the turkey being done to perfection so fast is getting the rest of the meal timed so everything is ready together. But blessings on GE for inflicting this kind of curse on me. No more up at dawn to get the bird started! '-)