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Nov 14, 2012 10:03 AM

Help w/ Western Mass itinerary

Hi folks, I'm not able to do as much homework as usual and hope you can help me. Just decided to drive out Rt. 2 from Boston to Lenox the Fri. after Thanksgiving for 2 nites. Will finally visit Mass MOCA and then piddle around in general. Staying bet. Lenox and Pittsfield. We'll be looking for good breakfast spots, one nicer dinner and casual food like donuts, cafes, hot dogs, bbq, etc. Friend loves interesting beers, should we stop at People's Pint in Greenfield on the way out? Are there other beer places in the area (with good food)? I love interesting cocktails, got a suggestion for that? Is Zinc worth going to? Is there more "rocking" nightlife in Pittsfield? Would like to find a bar at nite that plays good music, maybe some pool. Probably wll come back along Rt. 9. I'll have time for a little homework but was hoping people would have a few things you think fit the bill that come to mind right away. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Can't help you a ton because I don't get out there enough but I love Brick Wall Bistro in Greenfield. I had to day trip it to the area and stopped in for lunch. New owner recently and it is really, really good. Great burgers, soups and sandwiches. Nice vegan/vegetarian options too.

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      We like Haven in Lenox for breakfast.
      Joe's in Lee is an institution for good basic breakfast.
      Masny choices for gret dinner.
      Che Nous in Lee is outstanding and our favorite place to go to.
      Brava,as mentioned below inanother post,is very good also.
      Zinc is one of the worst places we've eaten at in the area.
      )Punch in "Nighlife in the Berkshire into your computer for listings of nightlife with bands playing in the area.)
      Food,at Zinc, is mediocre at best,service is surley to say the least yet people advise others to go there(I have no idea why).

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        Agree with you on Zinc. Management has an attitude.

    2. For breakfast/casual lunch Cafe Reva in Pittsfield is very good even though appears a tad shady from the outside.

      For beer selection it is hard to beat the Old Forge in Lanesboro (no website) which also has well above average pub food with fantastic wings. They are open every day for lunch and dinner. Moe's tavern in Lee is the other good beer spot but they don't have food.

      In Lenox had a recent very nice dinner experience at Brava, a new tapas place. Lots of wines by the glass and very good beer menu too but no cocktails at least yet when I was there. Would avoid Zinc I thought it was mediocre, among the other similar places in Lenox I think Alta is the best.

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        I second reva's in Pittsfield for breakfast or lunch. Nudel in lenox for dinner.

      2. In Pittsfield there is Mission Bar and Tapas, Y Bar and Thistle and Mirth to name a few.

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          i do not know enough about the best spots in the berkhires to comment on your main request. i'll leave that to the pros, but i can comment about your request for beer as you pass to and from your destination. the people's pint (cash only) has one of my favorite burgers around (the squealer -- local beef ground with local bacon), but traveling friends i've taken there have often not been too crazy about their beer. i'm usually driving so i stick to their housemade ginger beer, which is great. still, a few miles south of greenfield, just down 91, there are two beer houses with selections that are as great as you'll find anywhere. honestly. one is the dirty truth in northampton <<>>. the other is their sister site (and the better in my estimation), the moan and dove in amherst <<>>. check their hours and see if anything links up. both have blown away friends who visit here from anywhere. in the evenings both places get too loud and crowded for my taste, but in the daylight hours, they are both beautiful places to hang with a brew. i am almost reminded of quiet weekend mornings at mcsorley's old ale house, back in the '70s. they just don't have those little ham sandwiches. and they both have a heck of a lot more beers.
          but if you're grabbing a bite around greenfield, people's pint is a good option. have not been to the brickwall since they changed owners, so i can't comment there. but some other good options in the neighborhood are the wagon wheel in gill up on route 2 <<>>, which used to be an ice cream stand, but has expanded really well into a real restaurant. and also hope & olive in greenfield <<>>, a great fairly casual spot that saved my mind for the three months i was on grand jury duty up in greenfield. they also have some nice cocktails. my wife is especially fond of their earl grey infused martini.