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Nov 14, 2012 09:52 AM

GE or LG Electric Cooktop? [moved from San Francisco Bay Area board]


In the market for an electric cooktop...confused about what to buy...


or the

1. Should I choose LG's radiant electric cooktop? Is it significantly better than a plain electric cooktop?

2. Just in terms of the product's longevity, does one fare better than the other?

3. Is LG's customer service (for the warranty period atleast) better than GE's?

4. Also, are the physical knobs better than the touch buttons?

Thank you

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    1. re: Cynsa

      Thank you for the links..

      Don't want go the induction route...

      just specifically, need comments on LG Vs GE..

      1. Not understanding what a "plain electric cooktop" means. I prefer a smooth electric cooktop to a coil. Others vigorously disagree, but I never liked coil burners, and after just using such a stove for 3 months, I still don't like them all that much although I noted that the cup things under the coils have been improved. They cleaned up more easily than I remember.

        I don't know whether the LG is better than a comparable GE. Another poster will probably have good input on that. There are some CR recs for cooktops in the 2012 CR Buyers Guide. What you choose might depend on what features the cooktops have. Simmer? Double element burner? Space between burners which accommodates larger pots? Burners that can work in tandem for a large griddle?

        A "radiant" cooktop is simply a glass smoothtop, in my understanding. The GE equivalent to the LG would also be a "radiant" cooktop.