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Nov 14, 2012 09:07 AM

Brined turkey -- using the drippings for gravy and the carcass for soup. Too salty or not?


We usually brine the turkey and that's what we'll be doing this year. We've always had one guest who needs to be low salt and I've been concerned the gravy would be too salty.

So I've gotten turkey wings and other parts and roasted them the night before and made gravy from that.

This year, we don't need to be worried about our low-salt family member. So can I make the gravy from the brined bird drippings? Think I've seen people say that's fine.

Also, can we use the carcass for stock? Think that should be fine but am wondering.

  1. A stock or soup made using the carcass will be fine.

    A sauce or gravy made from the drippings might be too salty, you'll just have to try it. It depends on the salt concentration of your brine and how long you brine the turkey for.

    You'll have a better shot of it not being too salty if you make a gravy rather than a pan sauce since you'll have a starch of some sort to thicken the liquid which means you'll be able to add more liquid than with a sauce and still maintain a good texture. More liquid will, of course, dilute the saltiness.

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