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Nov 14, 2012 09:00 AM

Best pumpkin pie + apple pie in Connecticut?

Looking for a top-notch bakery or farmstand to pick up Thanksgiving pies, especially pumpkin, apple, and apple crumb. Any recommendations in Western or Central Connecticut that serve really outstanding, traditionally prepared pies worth driving out of one's way?

FWIW I noticed that Neil's Donuts in Wallingford has pies on their menu, but I've never sampled anything other than their terrific donuts. Has anyone here tried their pies?

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  1. We ordered an apple and a pumpkin pie from The Bakery in Southbury last year and thought they were very good (it was torture having to leave the leftovers at our in-law's house). We are getting them again this year. The bakery is located right off Exit 15 of I-84. I love all their stuff, actually.

      1. Thanks for the recommendations, I'll definitely look into these spots!

        1. I'm extremely partial to McConney's pies (and donuts, etc.) on Rt 34 in Derby, but it's too late to order one for this year. Scratch Baking in Milford also makes a verrry nice pie, but I give McConney's the edge with regard to tradition.

          1. If you are near Woodbury, Woodbury Deli and Catering has a FANTASTIC apple pie. Highly recommended. Too late to order one for Thanksgiving at this point I'd imagine, but it's worth ordering anyway!