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Ready-to-go Thanksgiving meal in the East Bay

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I love Thanksgiving. I'm also 38+ weeks pregnant - cooking a bird this year just isn't gonna happen. I was curious if anyone has gotten a ready-to-go meal in the past. I've only had experience with one (from Marie Callender's...it was NOT OK...indistinguishable processed turkey loaf...blaaaa). We'd want the whole shebang - turkey and sides for four...does not need to be traditional. Thanks!

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    1. Presently Costco has a prepared meal with turkey, about 12#, and 4 sides for $94.99 in store.

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        Sorry but the bird has to be cooked.

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            There were a lot of the holiday specials waiting to be picked up or purchased an hour ago. They made pissaladiere and pot au feu today too