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Nov 14, 2012 08:50 AM

Thanksgiving and your slow cooker. What do make in it?

I do a ton of prep the wekend before the big day and my slow cooker is a god send. Since I am also out and about its nice knowing things can keep cooking away when I need to run errands, unlike using the oven or stove top.

This is what I using it for, what about you? Would love to get a few other ideas.

Pinot Noir cranberry sauce
Homemade cream of mushroom soup soup
Wild rice (for the dressing)
candied yams

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  1. I have never used my slow cooker for thanksgiving before, although this is only my second time hosting. Last year I axed the traditional baked beans of my fiance's famllu for space concerns but this year I am going to try them in the slow cooker.

    Problem is that I refuse to use the horrid turkey roaster which dries out the bird which means my oven is occupied until the turkey rests for the most part.

    1. You may need more than one crock pot/slow cooker to supplement the Thanksgiving oven -
      consensus is positive here for dressing recipes:

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      1. re: Cynsa

        can't imagine anyone going and buying another slow cooker just to supplement a few meals a year. Seems like a waste of money and space- buts that’s me. I don't have a ton of money or space. Then again if you could borrow one……

        I get around the oven issue by prepping a lot a head, getting up early (turkeys can rest a good long time), utilizing my grill as an extra oven and adapting traditional oven recipes for stove top ones. Oh and the micro! great for cooking the chestnuts for stuffing, making the green beans, heating the milk/butter for mashed potatoes, etc

        All that said I was more looking for creative idea from the slow cookers mavens out there! I am sure they (you) have some ideas I haven’t thought of before.

        1. re: foodieX2

          Keep your eyes open at garage sales and thrift shops, if you are so inclined. But I have garage and basement space, I realize you may not be as lucky. It's just so nice to not be frantic when the guests arrive.

      2. bread pudding--keeps it warm until you serve.

        1. I don't use mine much on Thanksgiving. Mostly we've settled on a menu that includes several make ahead dishes that are good at room temp or warmed slightly when the turkey rests.

          I sometimes do the cranberry sauce in the crock several days early (better flavor) and do the mashed potatoes early in the AM, then keep in a warm crock.

          If I did soup or hot apple cider, then those would be good in a crock.

          1. For TG, I've only used it for mulled cider. I'm debating using one to keep my mashed potatoes warm this year.