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Nov 14, 2012 07:30 AM

BBQ Blue or White Dog Cafe

heading into your city after Thanksgiving ( a Tuesday nite) and will be in University City for a show at the World Cafe. As the ride is a long one, we will have minimal time to kick back and enjoy a meal that Tuesday nite and to be within walking distance of the venue.

I was at the BBQ place last time I was in, and I enjoyed the mac n cheese and the Suicide Shrimp. How are the ribs? (prefer dry rub, and not wet) or the brisket?

White Dog, which is a bit of a misnomer based on their menu (sustainable quasi vegetarian) and is also interesting and next door and is it worth it. .


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  1. I would go to White Dog over BBQ blue. Frankly I would make an effort to go up to Distrito or Honest Toms Taco shop. Also if you are coming in by train you could go to Garces JG Domestic in the Cira Center, the building right next to 30th Street Station.

    Also for more seafood options you have Doc Mogrogans right up the street from BBQ Blue and White Dog as well as Pod a couple of blocks away which is sushi.

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      Just want to point out that there are a lot of good Center City restaurants in walking distance of WCL, no need to stay on that that side of the Schuylkill. Vernick for instance is only a 10 minute walk, half as far as Distrito and not much farther than White Dog. Rittenhouse Square itself is only a 15 minute walk give or take.

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        Very good point Barry. I for some reason always consider the river a barrier when I am going to events at Penn or WCL even though it is quite easy to walk.

      2. re: cwdonald

        Thanks Donald. Live at the Northshore (Asbury-Red Bank) and have excellent seafood and some decent taco places - so it's something that I routinely have when dining (casually or informally). Distrito looks interesting and it'll either be that or the White Dog. Like I said, we probably won't have the benefit of a lot of time. The WDC bar grill will probably be what we opt for, unless the stars align and I can get out of work a bit early. While reservations are recommended at the WDC, I trust that a Tuesday nite won't have a bunch of pressure.

        Thanks all.

      3. With minimal time, I'd go to the Tria in the Left Bank building and have some cheese, wine/beer, and maybe split a sandwich and salad.

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          Thanks UF. Someone who actually reads 'into' a posters comments, dilemma, time constraints, or unfamiliarity to the area. Last time I was at the WCL, it was Sunday and I found it strange that Tria and a few other places were closed (as I'm closer to Manhattan than Philly - though I do love your city). Depending upon our ability to drive down from the AP area and the weather with respect to show time, I'll keep this one in my back pocket should I need to audible and keep it close to the venue.