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Nov 14, 2012 07:20 AM

Thanksgiving in Albuquerque

Any recommendations for Albuquerque restaurants that have special Thanksgiving dinners or buffets going this year? Thanks for any tips!

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  1. We were thinking of going out for Thanksgiving dinner, too. All the tribal casino/resorts seem to be offering Thanksgiving buffets, the most over-the-top being the one at Thur Shan at Sandia Resort. . I don't know how good the food will be there, but there will be a lot of it. It could be festive, kitschy fun, or it could just be sad.

    In town, two places that might be good are La Provence and Scalo (and Tucanos Brazilian Grill is offering a very meat-oriented Thanksgiving menu, too). Lucia at Hotel Andaluz did a Thanksgiving meal in the past, but I don't think they're doing one this year. There are more interesting-looking TG options at restaurants in Santa Fe (The Compound, Bishop's Lodge) but, of course, they're twice as expensive, and it will kind of suck to drive an hour back home on a full stomach when what you should really be doing is lying down to make room for pie. In the end, what looked like the best deal all around to us is 315 Wine Bistro. They offer wood-fire roasted turkey and several nice sides to pick up and take home. But, again, there's the 2 hrs of driving and still having to wash dishes, so we're thinking twice about that, too. Ultimately, I think we'll just end up cooking something after all.

    I wish Budai were going to be open. Soup dumplings, dry-sauteed string beans and roast duck sound better to me than anything anybody's got going on elsewhere.

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      Unless there's been a change, I would pass on La Provence. Sadly, it has not been the same since change in ownership a while back.