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Nov 14, 2012 12:48 AM

Recommendations for Japanese in NY


Visiting from Australia this December and trying to decide on a Japanese option for dinner during our stay.

From reading the boards here it seems that Omakase is the most served style at the better places.
I would be keen to try this style as I have never had it before.

Currently I have a reservation at Soto. After reading their menu and various posts about peoples experiences there it seems a lot of uni was/is used.
To be honest I have only really tried uni once and it wasn't served in the most appetising way, hence I am slightly hesitant about the amount of uni served in the Omakase at Soto.

Masa is defnitely out of my price range everytihng else is do-able.
15 East sounds pretty good,
Brushstroke also sounds like a really nice experience.

As long as its a good mix of hot and cold dishes, the flavours are right and its served in a ince setting I will be happy.

Which one should I go with??

Any advice will be really appreciated!!

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  1. "Omakase" here is mostly used as another way of saying "pre-fixe", although a few places will customize on the fly based on your personal interests... You should probably decide between whether you want sushi or kaiseki or kaisek-esque as the good places breakdown along those lines...Soto is an uni specialist.

    1. From your description of what you want,I would recommend Brushstroke ( not Ichimura sushi part),
      Soto but don't get omakase, pick and choose your dishes a la cart focusing on his "special" dishes,
      Yuba, 15 East at a table ( if you have only tried uni once, I think the traditional sushi at 15 East you might also encounter some fish you won't like) at a table you can get a variety of cooked and uncooked, Kyo Ya you can get fantastic cooked and try the pressed " Osaka style" sushi. Lastly Morimoto has a good mix of cooked and uncooked and a lively atmosphere. Kanoyama's omakase will mix a lot of cooked dishes with sushi items. The back "omakase room" is much quieter than the front and they also have a tremendous oyster selection.
      If you end up at 15 East or Soto I would certainly give uni another try. In your previous experience you could have gotten "bad" uni. These places use high quality fresh uni, and you might like it.

      1. Check out Sugiyama.
        They do Kaiseki, which you may enjoy.
        Basically, a multi-course meal, with different courses in different styles, and you do not need to make any decisions. And it's great.

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          Thanks for the interest all.

          Still unsure as to what to pick but at least I have a better idea now.

          I'm still leaning towards Soto, 15 East or Brushstroke and I will order al la carte to fit my tastes.