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Nov 13, 2012 09:31 PM

2 cups of the richest duck stock you've ever tasted- what do I do with it?

Just like the title says- I have 2 cups of literally duck jelly in the fridge. It is home made and it is ridiculously good!!!!

Chowhound, what should I do with it?!

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  1. Congee



    Poached eggs

    1. What about ramen? You can add shitake mushrooms, bok choy and a duck leg.

      1. I would go with risotto without a second thought.

        1. Sip it warm. :-)

          Only slightly more helpful, take a bowl of high quality freshly cooked jasmine rice and melt chunks of it into the hot rice. Eat.

          Mix with butter and use to sauce some fresh-pasta cheese ravioli.

          1. I make pasta e fagioli soup with duck stock. Delicious. But I like the ramen idea a lot!