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2 cups of the richest duck stock you've ever tasted- what do I do with it?

Just like the title says- I have 2 cups of literally duck jelly in the fridge. It is home made and it is ridiculously good!!!!

Chowhound, what should I do with it?!

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  1. Congee



    Poached eggs

    1. What about ramen? You can add shitake mushrooms, bok choy and a duck leg.

      1. I would go with risotto without a second thought.

        1. Sip it warm. :-)

          Only slightly more helpful, take a bowl of high quality freshly cooked jasmine rice and melt chunks of it into the hot rice. Eat.

          Mix with butter and use to sauce some fresh-pasta cheese ravioli.

          1. I make pasta e fagioli soup with duck stock. Delicious. But I like the ramen idea a lot!

            1. I would be making pot pies with this stuff.

              1. risotto.
                or make a sauce for roasted duck. use the stock, some fresh herbs, and some sour cherries.

                1. As many others have said, go with risotto. Can you not hear the duck stock begging for it? :-)

                  1. Risotto, yes, and also as a base for pasta en brodo, maybe with some fresh herbs like rosemary (sage may be overwhelmed if the stock is too rich), garlic, maybe leek, romano cheese....

                    1. All good suggestions above...or you could send it to me!