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Nov 13, 2012 08:36 PM

Nineteen [Edmonton ]

Nineteen opened last week just off of the Henday and Rabbit Hill Road. I stopped in last Thursday for a Peek and a bite. Nice space, very comfortable and upscale. I sat at the bar and enjoyed a couple of items off of the bar menu, the blue cheese mussels with frites and the tuna twists. The owner/chef brought the tuna dish from BLackhawk golf course where he was the chef. It is Thai spiced noodles twisted around a fork, topped with ahi tuna and a dollop of wasabi. Very nice. The mussels were a generous serving of very plump mussels in a creamy blue cheese sauce. Not too blue cheesy, but just the right amount to contrast with the sweet seafood. The fries were great as well. I look forward to coming back for a full dinner.

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    1. We live a few hours from Edmonton but go there to eat regularly. We have not been to Nineteen yet but are very interested. Only drawback is I have celiac disease which is very limiting when eating out. Did you notice whether there are any gluten-free options on the menu perchance?

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        I didn't notice if there were or not, but the place is not too large, and the chef is top notch, so I am sure (i hope) that they can accomodate you.

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          Excellent. There are several higher-end places in Edmonton that can accommodate me, thankfully. Will have to try it when we are there (probably not until January).

      2. It's a bit of an interesting location choice for a higher end restaurant. Yes, there are wealthy people nearby in Windermere and other neighbourhoods, but overall when I think of the southwest I think "families with very young kids".

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          Chef Fung has quite a reputation, and has won a few awards, and the food at Blackhawk was great, so I'm sure he will do well. There is quite a bit of money in the SW as well, not just in Windemere, and outside of the chains, not much of a dining selection. I wish him well.

          1. re: golfer1

            I agree. I was down for the media launch night, and couldn't help but think that there is plenty of money in the area. I imagine the nearest competition would be Ric's Grill, and they must have had a license to print money without anyone else to compete with.

            I quite enjoyed both the food and the room during my visit. If there is one thing Andrew does very well, it's the seafood, so I'm glad to see a good selection. Including those tasty Ahi Tuna Twists!

            1. re: raidar

              Went there a few days ago, had a large party. Our waitress took great care to ensure we were well satisfied. Will definitely be back, next time for a tasting menu, which I'm told Chef Fung can create for parties of 8 or more with at least 24 hours notice.

              They are indeed kid friendly and have a nice kids menu to boot!