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Nov 13, 2012 08:07 PM

Overnight in Savannah off of I 95 with 10 year old.

We are planning on spending the night in Savannah during our drive to Florida. Looking for something other then the typical chains you find off I 95 for dinner. Nothing fancy but tasty, interesting and regional would be great.

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  1. If you are willing to drive 15 minutes or so off I95 I recommend Sweet Potatoes for good Southern food at much more reasonable prices and less crowds that the other Savannah hotspots (e.g., Paula Deen).

    We're heading down to FL as well but stopping in ATL. Hoping to get great dim sum while there.

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      Thanks, but no need to worry about us going to any place associated with Paula Deen.

    2. You can go 45 minutes further south on 95 & stay in Darien. B&J's is best deal in area for fresh local shrimp.

      1. I assume you are going I-16 from Atlanta to Savannah? Where you are spending the night and how far out of the way you are willing to drive would help with recommendations.

        I'm not too familiar with places on 95 south of Savannah but from the junction of 16 and 95, it's not too far out of the way to go on into downtown Savannah where you will find any number of good places to eat.

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          We are coming south down 95 and not from Atlanta. However planning on staying not far from the 16 and 95 junction. We are willing to drive into downtown Savannah, Would be very happy with some hole in the wall that has good food.

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              I second Crystal Beer Parlor. The oyster sandwich is delicious.

        2. you definitely could go into downtown savannah and find lots of intersting places....none of which are too far off of 95 (maybe 20 min).

          Closer to 95 is Sam Snead's. Although the name has 'tavern' in it, it isn't a typical bar and your 10 yr old would be fine.

          Good luck