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Nov 13, 2012 07:19 PM

Newark's Ironbound Restaurants - Suggestions

We will be visiting Newark this weekend and I'm hoping someone can recomend a restaurant in the Ironbound section. The quality of the food is most important to us, not the surroundings. Help.

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  1. This could turn into a Pat's vs. Geno's type of discussion...but I'm partial to the Adega Grill. Everyone has their favorite, going back generations sometimes, but I think The Adega is one of the spots that puts quality over quantity. Fernandes number two, Tony DeCaneca number three.

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      nice list....I'll add Seabra's Marisqueira

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        Thanks for the suggestions. We are going to be there for the day so maybe we'll try a couple of places. I will report back for sure.

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          I was going to recommend Casa Vasca, Adega Grill, and Seabra's Marisqueira...

        1. second on fernandes steakhouse II

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              I can't let my man CJ stand alone.....I too suggest Fernandes. On a side note I came very close to trying the rt. 35 location close but no cigar. Soon though.

          1. I had dinner at Fernandes last Saturday night. If you are in the mood for meat, and especially rodizio, Fernandes is a good choice. They take reservations, and they have valet parking. If you intend to eat fish, I think Seabra's Mariquiera is your good option. They have a parking lot (I think they share it with Adega Grill), but I don't think they take reservations. The decor at Fernandes is better than at Seabra's, but you said surroundings are not important. The service at both restaurants is above average/very good. Actually, all the recommendations in this thread are good ones, there isn't a bad one on the list. Enjoy!

            1. We ended up going to Sol-Mar, we were turned away from two other places because of no reservations or long waits. Sol-Mar also was packed and had a long wait for the more formal dining room, so we opted for the more casual section instead of looking further. The staff was very attentive and frendly and the food was good, not spectacular. I look forward to trying one of the other places tomorrow night.