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Nov 13, 2012 07:11 PM

Joe Mama's Wood-fired pizza in Tallahassee

It has been open for a while so tried it tonight. Pizza is only one size, 12 inches. Wife and I shared a pepperoni and sausage. Taste was excellent, very good. Pepperoni were huge slices, but sausage was just small tidbits. Pizza plus two craft brews cost $24.00.

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  1. Steak...where's this at? How does it compare to Tallytown's fav Barnaby's (sic)? Or even a better compare...MoMo's in Mkt Sq. with its craft and house brews?

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    1. re: crewsweeper

      1307 North Monroe. An old timer like you will remember the building as a grocery store decades ago then some sort of state agency. In the so-called "midtown district." Barnaby's is my favorite but this is a different and equally good pizza. Just wish they had a little more sausage. Maybe I should order double sausage! I also like Decent and MoMo, in that order.

      1. re: steakman55

        Thanks. Across from Sakura? Never really paid attention to that side of the street. But then while I'm "old", I'm not an old-timer in Tallahassee, more closer to a tweener :)
        How you folks doing BTW? Need to revive that Tally Chow group and hit some of the newer spots.

    2. I also tried it this week. I had the Fumoso pizza with pesto, provolone, tomatoes and prosciutto. This was a beautiful, delicate European-style pizza. Really delicious. And the house salad made at table side, which was huge and very tasty. They have a nice bar area and a good wine selection. This is pizza for grownups. They are not open for lunch so they can make everything very fresh for dinner. It's a local restaurant committed to quality.