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Nov 13, 2012 06:02 PM

Queens College?

Hello, we are going to a concert @ Queens College, this Sat, 11.17.12. Have not been in this area for decades. It appears this is a culinary wasteland, but does anyone have any suggestions where to eat prior to an 8.00 pm show? I will be driving and know places throughout the borough (and would welcome any out of the area suggestion), but I am attempting not to have to park twice. Any type of food is fine, but as my wife always says, 'Something good.' We appreciate any guidance. Thanks.

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    1. Not too far away is Lake Pavilion is on Main Street and the LIE for very good Cantonese food. Free valet parking. Their dungeness crab with sticky rice is interesting and a different version that some of the ones I've had had other Cantonese places. There's soy sauce in the rice and had bits of Chinese sausage and peanuts.

      1. Main Street Imperial Taiwanese would be my first choice. The food is decent to very good and the service is quick and efficient. Some good dishes: Scallion Fly Head, anything with squid, anything with chives, beef with peppers and - no kidding- the fried chicken. I have also eaten well at Lake Pavillion, but have experienced service issues at diffierent times and a general lack of organization. I'd only hit them up for a full-on dinner if I had time to spare.

        Parking in this area is not that hard, but I think you'd be hard-pressed to not park twice.