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Nov 13, 2012 05:54 PM

Please add subcategories to the "Recipes" section! 593 pages of recipes! Please comment and like to get this post noticed!

It would be great if there were subcategories. When clicking on "Main", for instance, there are 112 pages to go through. It would be much better is you could break it down by chicken, steak, veggie, etc.
"Sweet/Dessert" could be broken down by cake, cookies, etc.
Finding recipes would be so much easier this way!

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  1. You will notice if you look at "recipes" there is a search box in red that says "Looking for Something Specific?" and I entered chicken (which is still a pretty general term - you can break down your request into something more specific like "chicken thighs" for example or cake or cookies or whatever). and got these replies on the "Chow" side:

    You can also select from "Chowhound" (in other words reader contributed recipes rather than paid for recipes) or a mixture of both "Chow" (paid for recipes) and "Chowhound" (reader contributed) recipes as well.

    Finally, don't overlook the "Dish Decider" feature at the right side of the main recipe page in which you can enter up to 3 different ingredients and get suggested recipes.

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      Thanks! This is very helpful.
      Because of my annoyance, I wasn't able to get past the main recipes page.