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Nov 13, 2012 05:50 PM

Big momma's Smokehouse

They just opened one of these by me in Coconut Creek. Any good?

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  1. Checked out their website and menus....Hesitant to try anything that's "smothered" in BBQ sauce (as their menu describes)......Sounds like they're hiding said their brisked is sliced then chopped.....certainly not the traditional way to serve brisket....Have my doubts about this place....but will likely give it a try.....just to make sure....

    Ft. Pierce, FL

    1. This place is a chain designed concept from the beginning. They also have plans to open several other type chains of various nature called Char Grillers, Planet Wacky Wings, and Hot Dogs Galore. You be the judge!

      From my post 1.5 years ago:

      "I just saw this today. Big Mommas Smokehouse BBQ in West Palm Beach is now open. It is a franchise with planned openings in Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Delray, Sunrise, and Coconut Creek. After some investigating, TSC restaurant group is behind this franchise along with 4 other concepts on the way from burgers to hot dogs to wings to salad.

      Okay, who wants to take one for the team and try this place out?"

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      1. re: freakerdude

        Since they opened so close to Jenaclaree.....I'm thinking she goes and takes one for the team first! (LOL!).....I might make my way there....I'm open to trying new places.....I tried Troy's Ribs in West wasn't great but it wasn't horrible strip mall restaurant places go....I've had worse....

        Ft. Pierce, FL

        1. re: LargeLife

          2 here in west palm and wellington opened and closed up quick, terrible attempt at marketing fake bbq, an old man in georgia once told me if theres no wood pile and smoke coming from out back.....dont go

          1. re: seminole phil

            PBG closed within the last 3 months as well

          2. re: LargeLife

            Haha! I'm also close to Scruby's which my husband loves so it's a hard sell if I can't find evidence of a good meal!

            1. re: Jenaclaree

              Can't call yourself a "Foodie" if you don't take a chance.....

              Ft. Pierce, FL