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Nov 13, 2012 05:02 PM

Very informal cocktail party in new haven

Anyone have any ideas for a place in new haven that would be able to accommodate a party of 30-40 for assorted apps and drinks. We wouldn't need formal seating. Boss wants very informal room with maybe some hightop tables to promote socializing. I was wondering about The Cask Republic, but not sure if there would be parking. My boss even said something like BAR, but I don't know if they could accommodate. He wants it very informal with good munchies and drinks. Would be a weeknight like 4-6 pm, so they could accommodate other functions after ours.

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  1. Try the back room at Bentara.

    1. Cask Republic is located beneath the 9 level Temple Street Parking Garage. Two hours of parking will set each car back $6.

      For remarkable cocktails, consider 116 Crown on the other side of Church St.

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        Parking in New Haven is always a pain. Bar has a room in the back and very good pizza & salads but that is the entire menu.
        agree on 116 Crown, you might look into Delaney's in Westville, parking lot in rear and a block or so down Whalley. Maybe Rudy's?

      2. 116 looks so nice. I bookmarked that place for sure! I believe we are going with Kelly's Gastro Pub. I really liked the manager there. Made me feel very comfortable. He's really into his beers. Seemed casual enough, and I think they will be able to work with our limited budget. And two garages and a lot very close by.

        I also like BAR's back room but boss said they've been there a few times already. Also checked out Cask and Nini's private room.