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Nov 13, 2012 04:54 PM

trying to figure out an old recipe for vegan pancakes

Used to help an ex make the most amazing vegan pancakes but I wasn't paying attention and I can't figure out some of the details.

I think he used blended apples (not applesauce), ground flaxseed mixed with hot water, freshly ground nutmeg and dried orange peel, and other than that, I assume regular flour.

I don't have a blender, so I'm trying applesauce instead of blended up apples, and I can't figure out the proportions.

I got closest when I did
-half a cup applesauce,
-1 cup whole wheat flour,
-a few tablespoons ground flaxseed with just enough hot water to make it gooey,
-a tsp of baking powder,
-a dash of baking soda
-a dash of salt,
-and of course plenty of fresh ground nutmeg and orange peel.

The problem with it was that it was so clumpy, so I decided to add more applesauce and the result was no good. What had tasted right the first time was pretty gross with more applesauce added, but the first version was so clumpy, and I distinctly remember the pancakes flattening out and bubbling when it was time to flip 'em over.

Also, I think I am missing some spices. Could he have put cardamom pods in there with the orange peel and nutmeg?

Anyone have any ideas to salvage this? They were so good, so rich in flavor and made me do a happy dance every time.

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  1. too much flaxseed for that quantity of flour. I would start at a tablespoon and go higher or lower from there.

    1. I would up the baking powder by at least a half a tsp, and consider adding a spoonful of good vanilla extract.