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Nov 13, 2012 04:47 PM

Cozy Christmas Dinner

Looking for a warm and tastefully decorated spot in L.A./Pasadena/Ventura Blvd for a Christmas dinner with 2 other couples in mid-December.
We like the Christmas ambiance at Parkway Grill, and the same can be said for Saddle Peak Lodge.
What do the Chowhounds say?

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  1. The upscale hotels tend to go very classy and Christmassy when it comes to the season. Have you checked out the Langham Hotel for instance? Another place that I have seen that looks really nice for Christmas is the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills and I can imagine that the renovated Bel-Air hotel will be in that mode too.

    1. How about the Tam O'Shanter (owned by Lawry's) in the Los Feliz area. Its not going to win a Michelin star, but the decor is about as cozy as you can get with carolers and lots of Christmas decorations. We had dinner there last year in mid-December and it was a very nice evening. If you are interested, book early. If you know someone who can get you in, try the Jonathan Club downtown or the Antheneium in Pasadena which are both very nice and cozy.