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Nov 13, 2012 04:42 PM

Drago's, Prices

Never having been to the original Drago's (I live near the Hilton branch), does anyone know if the prices are the same at the two locations, or is there a "turista upcharge" at the Hilton? Maybe it's just me, but I have found the prices pretty high at the latter, e.g. at lunch today, $7.45 for the tiniest cup of gumbo, apps to the mid-teens and mains to the mid-twenties.

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  1. They have one website for both locations, and the site has one printable menu, with prices. So it appears that the menu, and the pricing, is exactly the same at both locations.

    1. Not remotely worth the tariff, IMHO.

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      1. re: sanglier

        Without dining at the Metairie location, I completely agree. Too many really good restaurants in NOLA, that demand my time, my calories and my $.


      2. Loathe the Hilton location and love the Metairie one.

        1. Prices the same, but not the food, service or atmosphere. I will not ever go back to Hilton- the one and only time I went there we were overcharged (waiter forgot an app we ordered, and we forgot until after we left, but item on bill), overlooked (no wait staff around for miles when drinks need re-filling and to check on order, etc) and too loud for me. Staff not nearly as friendly and professional as Metairie. The chargrilled oysters were not nearly as good, and overall, I just was not pleased.

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          1. re: foodophyle

            In my case, the servers WERE handy, but not working. They all ignored our table, while they interacted with each other. Our server was MIA most of the night, and I had to talk to the bartender (the only one not in the kludge of about 20 servers, off to the side), to get anything, and it was often wrong, or very bad.

            Ten patrons, all raising their hands, and twice that many servers, not being bothered with their needs and requests, does not bode well.

            Couple that with some bad food, and also wine glasses, and I just cannot imagine how they stay in business. They should have been closed, years ago, at least IMHO, as a patron, and a frequent visitor to NOLA.

            Were that the "best," then I would never return, and have NOT returned to that location, though we were at the Hilton several times later.

            Just my observations,


          2. I know this isn't your question but at any price Drago's in The Hilton is terrible. I live in New Orleans and we had a birthday dinner there for a friend recently. It was so awful it would have been laughable if it hadn't been for our friend's birthday being so bad. The food was bad. The atmosphere was bad. The service was decent but amateurish for the prices they charge. Please, don't waste your money.

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            1. re: JBride

              Sounds like you had an experience, very similar to mine.

              I cannot see how it gets such "love," and from so many.