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Nov 13, 2012 04:28 PM

Best Kosher caterer for large (400+) wedding?

What are your thoughts?

We've all been to beautiful weddings with mediocre food and the fiancee and I are trying to avoid that by coming to our most trusted source of food info: you guys. I've already scoured the Kosher chowhound board and got a couple of possibilities, but I was wondering what your guys' thoughts were.

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  1. You might post this request on the Kosher board too

    1. Starlite caterers did my wedding and my kid's bnai mitzvot.

      I hear that 5 star is also good.

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      1. re: chuck

        +1 for Starlite. They did my wedding and above beyond what he promised. It was beautiful and the food was fantastic.

        1. re: SIMIHOUND

          Thank you for the recommendation. How are they price-wise?

          1. re: thefooz

            I don't recall exact prices because my wedding was twelve years ago. They did work with us suggesting how to make things a lot nicer than standard for minimal money. We had to get married at Valley Beth Shalom because my wife's cousin is a Rabbi there. Starlite was the sole caterer at VBS so we didn't have a choice on caterers. I recall that (Steve?) the owner came across as very gruff which combined with the stress of getting married was hard for me to deal with. Now I would laugh at the guy because I know he is a big old teddy bear. Steve was on his way out of town the day of our wedding but made sure to come in personally to oversee the event until it got rolling. And just to be a mensch he gave us a gorgeous delicious wedding cake (with this large grin on his face) for 130 people that his own baker made right there in the kitchen. Between the temple and the caterer we were thrilled and made to feel like we were #1 for that day. I also need to add that Starlite was glatt kosher with a mashgiach (supervisor) so any question about Kashrut for my religious family was put to rest.

      2. Pat's is one of the older and more reputable ones, but I would post on the Kosher board for more replies.

        1. The Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire has a complete Kosher kitchen and their ballroom can handle that number, kosher rabbi supervisors the food at all stages and they can accommadate music, flowers etc. They are very reliable, I have been to several kosher functions there

          1. we have used this company forever from Bris to weddings to Shiva. They are great people and they put out a great product speak with Nahal or Ron.

            They did my wedding at the Biltmore we had about 450 people and they did a great job.