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Nov 13, 2012 03:05 PM

Difficulty going "back"

Almost every time I leave a board's main page, with all the threads listed, and open up a specific post, I can't return to the board's page by hitting the "back" key. Hitting the "back" key does nothing. I stay right where I am, and I find that this is a problem unique to Chowhound. I have no trouble navigating backwards on the several other sites that keep me from being productive during the workday, such as Facebook, MSN and whatever. Any suggestion?

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  1. +1. Has happened before, but especially prevalent today.

    1. Try hitting the refresh button on your web browser before hitting the back button.

      1. This is an issue specific to Internet Explorer; for some reason, certain ads can confuse IE and prevent the normal operation of the back button. To help us track down and disable the broken ads, could you please send us screenshots of the page the next time you run into the problem?

        That aside, I believe that other users have had success with the workaround that CarolinaDawg describes above.