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Nov 13, 2012 01:47 PM

Fancy's Southern Cafe - Fort Myers

Was wondering if anyone here has tried this place. Looks like it's only been open for a little over a month.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. So the wife and I finally got around to trying out this place the other week.

      Our first visit there we went towards closing on a Saturday night. We shared the et toufee as an appetizer. We both enjoyed this dish a lot. It had a very heavy andouille sausage taste which we both like but the flavor overall was quite good. My only complaint was that it was bordering on the side of being too salty. This is coming from a person who loves salt.

      For entrees, I had the fried chicken, which I liked a lot. The chicken had a very crunchy skin and still very juicy inside. For my sides I got the black eyed peas and french fries. The peas were okay but a little bit bland. I wish I could have taken some salt from the et toufee and transferred it to the peas. The fries were a bit soggy but I was really too full from the chicken to eat the fries.

      My wife got the pot roast. This dish was average. It was totally not what we were expecting. It came out almost like a soup. I don't know if this is how pot roast is in the South but growing up in NY pot roast was always a slice or two of beef along with some veggies with a touch of gravy. This was like 75% gravy.

      Our second visit we went during the lull of the lunch and dinner service. For starters we had the boiled peanuts. Yuck. I guess we didn't know what we were getting because the peanuts came in its shell, sitting in a liquid that tasted like soy sauce. It had jalapeños in it but the texture of the peanuts was not to our liking. We weren't expecting it to be wet and the soy taste or whatever the sauce was just wasn't good.

      I had the crawfish po boy which was very good. The roll was nice and soft and the crawfish was fried perfectly. My wife again had the et toufee which this time had a bit more of a tomato flavor as opposed to the sausage flavor. I thought the seasoning, in terms of salt, was much better. She also had the pork spare ribs which were outstanding. Perfectly cooked and juicy. The bbq sauce and honey complimented the ribs quite well. But, honestly, those ribs were delicious just by themselves with nothing on them.

      The wait staff were very nice and attentive both visits.