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Nov 13, 2012 01:42 PM

Late Night Dining Waikik

We are arriving at Honolulu airport at 11PM on Thursday, December 13, we are renting a car and heading into Waikik for the evening....3 of us are coming from Los Angeles and the 4th from Ohio. I have to imagine we will be hungry. Any suggestions on where we should eat a very late dinner?

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  1. The two best known places in Waikiki for midnight dining are Wailana Coffee Shop and Mac 24/7. Frankly Wailana is better for breakfast type food, although the fried chicken is pretty good.
    Mac 24/7 has never lived up to it's promise in my mind, and it is horrifically overpriced.

    On the way from the airport you will drive by or near a couple of Zippy's. By far Honolulu's favorite late night meal spot. That late the specials will most likely be sold out, but the basic fare is still pretty good. My biggest disappointment there has always been the Chicken Katsu. Hard as a rock and dry as toast. Not good. The island favorites are the Fried Chicken Plate, the Hamburger Steak, the Loco Moko ( or chili moko) Hawaii loves Zippy's chili. I've acquired a taste for it, but its pretty mild. The saimin is good too. A Hawaii version of 'ramen', but half chinese half japanese. I'm particularly fond of the zip min and the pork saimin. I've got to learn not to write these darn things at midnight snack time.

    Like Like Drive in is also a Honolulu classic, although again, I don't think it's what it once was.

    Finally is Liliha Bakery, it has a "lunch counter" that's always open. Plus you can take out some frozen Coco Puffs (chocolate/chantilly cream puffs) and have them for breakfast in your room. You might have to wait a little while to get more than a couple of seats next to each other.

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      PS: this thread did have some good suggestions.

      I highly recommend Side Street Inn on Koapaka. Reasonably close to Waikiki and open till 2am. It is a bar that has become well known for their delicious 'appetizers' mind you a one of their plates is larger than a meal in many restaurants. If each of you order one item to share and split a plate of their fried rice you will have a great meal with enough for a snack when you check in.

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        You are making me crave Zippy's mahi mahi plate with that wonderful rice and macaroni salad. Even though we stay at the Kahala Hotel and eat incredible food, one of my all time favorites is that plate. It's timeless...all these years we've been going and it always tastes the same.
        Thanks Kaimuki for the memory :).

      2. Thank you KaimukiMan you have been very helpful!!
        Is the Side Street Inn a decent place to stay the night?
        Just need it for the one night as we head to Ko Olina on Friday.

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          It is not a hotel, but definitely eat there! K-Man always has great suggestions!

        2. THANKS!!
          My confused. What are your thoughts on Sand Bar & Grill and its attached Sand Villa Hotel?

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            You'll have to hope someone here knows about that hotel/Grill, I've never heard of it. Maybe your hotel will have room service for your first night. Unless of course it's the HHV they stopped full room service last month.

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              I haven't eaten at the Sand Villa since Uncle Frank was performing there - of course they were known for their saimin at the time (and if you understand this you are almost Kama'aina.) It is open late, 4am I think, that and the fact that you are considering staying at the Sand Villa would be the only reasons why it would show up on your list of possibles. It has a live webcam <> checking it at 6pm on a wednesday night isn't encouraging, one table is occupied and there i a guy playing a video game. They should have founds someone with more talent to take the food pics for the menu.

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                I had not heard that the HHV had ceased late-night room service, but am not surprised.

                We are staying there, at the Hilton Grand Vacations, in that tower, next year, and will keep that in mind.

                Now, we normally stay at the Halekulani, as the HHV has gone so far downhilll, in many ways. Even staying there, we would not think of dining there - even on a bet.


                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  There was an article about two weeks ago about this change. Of course, Halekulani would not even think of not servicing the guest as was quoted in the paper. Halekulani has that new venue L'Aperitif which is really nice, has a small plate paired with a craft cocktail in a nicely appointed room. The cocktail/paired food averages about $20.00. I want to go sometime. I've heard great things about it.

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                    On the opposite end of fine dining scale-when I got desperate, I would stop by the sausage stand outside Moose Magillicudy on Lewers between Kalaukaua and Kuhio-actually makes for a nice midnight snack!

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                      We are staying at the Halekulani on the next trip, but will be doing the HHV on the one after that.

                      A mahalo nui, for the education, though we will likely dine at our "normal" spots, and NOT look to "in-room dining."

                      Still, who knows?



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