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Nov 13, 2012 01:43 PM

Rec's for dinner near Delta Chelsea (downtown Toronto)

Friday night. Willing to walk within 30 min of the hotel. Suggestions? Unlimited budget but it better be good!

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  1. The Queen and Beaver is a nIce place. It's a pub but not in a dark and dingy way. The food is great. Steps from the Chelsea.

    1. had a good meal at adega--it couldn't be much closer either. . .really liked the octopus. . .

      1. How many people dining? Any dietary restrictions?

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        1. Nota Bene on Queen (just west of University) would be within your walking distance - lots of love on this Board. Also, just south of there you could try Tutti Matti for good Italian. Frank at the AGO is also an option for you.

          1. 30 Minutes walking covers a lot of ground from the Chelsea if you mean 1 way

            Spendido and the Harbord Room are just inside the range

            Lai Wah Heen

            Most of the stuff in the financial district, Canoe, Bymark, Reds, Vertical

            George is only 15 minutes according to Google Maps