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Nov 13, 2012 01:20 PM

Best Take Out / Delivery in Ottawa

We will be travelling to Ottawa in a few weeks (November) and will have the family dog along (long story). Given the time of year, we can't count on outdoor cafes as we usually do when traveling with the dog. We have a suite booked and are inviting our friend to join us for dinner at our hotel. Any suggestions on take-out or delivery. We find room service is often too boring. We like everything, but prefer to have spicy options available. Hubby loves good calamari. We like ethnic foods and also like vegetarian, but are omnivores. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. There are a few places that offer delivery in Ottawa but most of our restos offer take-out so there are lots of choices!

    Two places that jump to mind are Culinary Conspiracy and Thyme and Again They both have ready made meals available in store so you have a variety of items to choose from. Thyme and Again has their menus posted online. Culinary Conspiracy usually posts their menus online as well but it looks like their website is under construction. I gave you the link with their contact information if you would like to contact them to pursue it further.

    If you like Asian food Yang Sheng and the Vietnamese Kitchen will deliver.

    If you like pizza I can recommend Bread and Sons bakery but if you would like to order a whole pizza you would have to call in advance to order one. More details are here: I can also recommend Carlos Pizza and you can pick up or they will deliver. And lastly there is Colonnade Pizza but they offer pick up only.

    If you like Indian food I can recommend East India Company and they offer pick up or delivery. I could also recommend Café Shafali but I believe they do pick up only. Note: they have three locations so if you are looking for dinner make sure to go to the one either on Dalhousie Street in the Byward Market or on Bank Street in the Glebe. There is a third location in the Byward Market Square but they are only open at lunch time.

    And if you like pasta (and assuming you have access to oven or microwave) I could recommend Parma Ravioli. They have numerous pasta dishes already made up like tortellini alfredo, lasagna, etc. but would have to be reheated.

    Good luck with your search.

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      Thank you very much for your suggestions! We will definitely try one of your suggestions for dinner. Probably either East India or Thyme and Again depending on how everyone is feeling. Hopefully, we'll be able to try a second one of your suggestions for lunch the next day before we need to head home. All the best and thanks again for your help.

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        I dream of Colonnade Pizza between trips to Ottawa! lol
        Make sure you order it well-done and with extra-cheese, and it's uniquely divine, in a cheesy-gooey-delicious sort of way :-)

        1. re: TorontoTips

          Thanks TorontoTips and ottawaoperadive, next time, we will make a point of trying Colonnade Pizza for a meal too. This was a quick trip and we didn't get the second vote for Colonnade until we were on our way home.

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          Follow up - we had a lovely dinner. The four of us couldn't decide so, since we were ordering in anyway, we tried both East India Co and a thai place (Som Tum) our friend had heard about, but hadn't had a chance to try yet. Both were very good. From East India Co, we tried the palak paneer, vegetable biryani and dhabba chicken. All were very good, flavourful and not at all greasy. We did not make a request for extra spicy, but were a little surprised with the lack of heat in the dishes, especially the curry dish (dhabba chicken). However, the flavours were very nice. From Som Tum, we tried the Cashew Chicken and the Green Curry Chicken. Both were very nice and flavourful, but again they were very mild in terms of heat. I'm sure both restaurants can make the dishes spicy, so now we know that for our taste, we need to request extra heat when we order! Overall, a very pleasant meal with more than enough leftovers to send home with our friend and nice flavours in all the dishes. I can see us returning to either in the future. Thanks for your help ottawaoperadiva!
          P.S. I should also add that when we picked up from each restaurant, they were both very nicely decorated and welcoming and East India does deliver as well.

          1. re: Linda_W

            Glad to hear you had a successful dinner! And what a neat idea combining two cuisines - it sounds like a great way to try the best of both worlds-;)