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2013 Michelin Stars

Apparently the results have leaked - anybody have a link to the list? Acadia announced they received a star but I cannot find a full list.

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  1. Apparently Graham Elliot has been elevated to two stars. I definitely do not agree with that promotion! I am still searching for the full list.

    1. Sepia retained one star.

      1. Takashi retained one star.

        1. Goosefoot also anounced, via twitter, they received one star.

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            Very happy to hear they received a star; much deserved for Chris Nugent who was shunned while at Les Nomades! I think they actually had a good chance at two and will be serious contenders for two next year. Goosefoot is one of my favorites!

          2. Further leaks via Twitter:
            Sixteen: 1 star
            Boka: 1 star
            Acadia: 1 star
            Blackbird: 1 star
            Longman & Eagle: 1 star
            Takashi: 1 star
            Septia: 1 star
            Graham Elliot: 2 star
            Goosefoot: 1 star
            L20 & Spiaggia retained/received but can't tell you exactly what number.

            *The full list is still forthcoming and some of the restaurants above are not new recipients but rather retained their stars from last year. Congratulations to all the Chicago restaurants!

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                Very vexed on EL Ideas and though I've never been to GE I've rarely heard "wowing" reports.


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                  I have to agree that the omission of EL Ideas is shocking, perhaps the most shocking omission of the Chicago Guides yet.

                  GE's promotion should have come last year (and this year they should have gotten 1 star). I really enjoyed Runge's food. Andrew Brochu? Not so much.

              2. Really odd that Perennial Virant lost Bib Gourmand and did not make Michelin. I am very happy to see Goosefoot and Sixteen make the list, but really am shocked El Ideas did not and that Next was shunned again. Also I was hoping North Pond and MK would as well. To me the biggest shocker is Graham Elliot receiving a promotion. Lots of the one stars are better and more deserving IMHO.

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                  Next is pretty much a moving target, not sure how judging would deal with it.

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                    Even though they overhaul the concept every four months, they are consistently outstanding meals and dining experiences. Most good restaurants turn their menu over quite a bit with the seasons - Next just does so to another extreme. By snubbing Next and El Ideas Michelin is starting to look a tad old fashioned in terms of not being able to grapple with evolving trends and innovation in the industry bhopefully they are doing a better job staying up-to-date on new trends in the tire industry.

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                    I agree that there seems to be some gaping holes this year with both the MIchelin stars and Bib Gourmands.