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Nov 13, 2012 01:14 PM

2013 Michelin Stars

Apparently the results have leaked - anybody have a link to the list? Acadia announced they received a star but I cannot find a full list.

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  1. Apparently Graham Elliot has been elevated to two stars. I definitely do not agree with that promotion! I am still searching for the full list.

    1. Sepia retained one star.

      1. Takashi retained one star.

        1. Goosefoot also anounced, via twitter, they received one star.

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          1. re: lovesCheese

            Very happy to hear they received a star; much deserved for Chris Nugent who was shunned while at Les Nomades! I think they actually had a good chance at two and will be serious contenders for two next year. Goosefoot is one of my favorites!

          2. Further leaks via Twitter:
            Sixteen: 1 star
            Boka: 1 star
            Acadia: 1 star
            Blackbird: 1 star
            Longman & Eagle: 1 star
            Takashi: 1 star
            Septia: 1 star
            Graham Elliot: 2 star
            Goosefoot: 1 star
            L20 & Spiaggia retained/received but can't tell you exactly what number.

            *The full list is still forthcoming and some of the restaurants above are not new recipients but rather retained their stars from last year. Congratulations to all the Chicago restaurants!