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Nov 13, 2012 12:56 PM

Really, really large group in Orlando

Anyone know of a good option for a group of 100+ in Orlando? I know it's really reaching, but I figured I'd rely upon my fellow hounds for a last resort! Maybe if anyone has been to a wedding recently that had great catering, even? Or good passed small plates is potentially fine...

Thanks in advance, everyone!

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  1. Oops, looks like it's going to be more like 150+! Again, I know it's a long shot, but any leads would be appreciated.

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      What part of Orlando? It's a big town, spread pretty far, and you have lots of suburbs and smaller outlying towns outside of the resort areas. I'm also not sure if you need a dining location or just a caterer for an event outside of a restaurant.

      Years ago, when I was planning my wedding, we looked at Buca di Beppo, a "family-style" Italian chain with two Orlando locations (one of them is listed in Maitland, which is north and east of downtown Orlando). They can host banquets and have all kinds of menus and pricing options for large groups:
      We ended up not going with them because it was too far from where most of our guests were staying, but I'm sure they would have done a great job.

      Maggiano's is another great Italian restaurant (chain) that catered my cousin's wedding in Kissimmee. The restaurant are located in Pointe Orlando (on International Drive, near the Convention Center), and have four big banquet rooms.

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        We'll be at the Peabody Orlando, so definitely near all the convention locations.

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          You're practically walking distance from Maggiano's!

    2. Maggiano's can definitely accommodate a group that size, but you can also do a buyout of a another restaurant. On the VisitOrlando.com website, you can choose a part of town, such as International Drive (near the convention center), and see which restaurants appeal. Wedding venue places might be good too. Bella Collina out in Montverde is beautiful but pricey. Another option is Casa Feliz in Winter Park. Or, work backwards: Call a caterer (Cuisiners, Big Wheel, Puff n Stuff, Aruthurs are reputable) and ask about venues in your price range. You can often get venue ideas from their websites. (This VisitOrlando.com link might help. http://www.visitorlando.com/things-to...


      Good luck.


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        I will definitely check these out, thank you! Keep 'em coming, folks!

      2. I would check out Emeril's Tchoup Chop at the Royal Pacific. They do large parties and buyouts all the time.

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          I had reservations once at Wolfgang Puck's in Downtown Disney and got a cancellation phone call informing me that it had been bought out for the evening

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            We decided on the Tchoup Chop! It looks like a pretty space with a much better menu than anything else we were looking at. Will report back on the experience!

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              Tchoup Chop sounds like a great choice. The decor is fantastic and Chef Greg puts out a creative, top-quality menu. Enjoy! (and report back, please, the good and the bad)