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Nov 13, 2012 12:53 PM

Looking for Water Kefir Grains- Not Milk Kefir Grains

I'm looking for Water Kefir Grains (which are different from Milk Kefir Grains) in the SF Bay Area, I'm willing to drive to get them... Does anyone know of any places that carry them?

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  1. This is an older post but I thought I'd rather bump it up and not post new one.

    I am also looking for water kefir grains in NY/NJ or Ottawa area. I found on-line resource but not sure of quality, etc. I've been making milk kefir for about three years and love it. But my grandson is on dairy free diet and I thought that he would benefit from water kefir but have not tried it myself. Is it similar to Russian "kvas"?

    Would love to hear from those of you who make and drink water kefir.