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Nov 13, 2012 12:35 PM

Real barrel-cured sour pickles in Durham

Howdy y'all,

New member here.

I'm looking for places that sell real barrel-cured sour pickles, like the kind you'd get at the St. Lawrence market or at a nice steak house or with a good smoked meat sandwich. The kind that you buy out of a big questionably clean barrel and put in a plastic bag or other container to take home or eat. Kosher, Eastern European, doesn't matter. You get the idea.

I'm in the east in Ajax and SLM is kind of far for me. Any suggestions between here and there?

Thanks in advance all!

PS - They call me "ButtMan" because I like big know, the BBQd pork kind!

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  1. I haven't seen pickle barrels in Ontario so there may be health department issues.
    However large jars of full sour pickles in a cloudy brine are in a refrigerated section at Highland Farms, Ellesmere (Mrs. Whyte's), or Costco (Moishe's). When you order a MSM sandwich at Costco they include a big fat pickle. Hungry?

    I tried Nathan's half sour pickles at HF, and was not impressed. All of the half sours in GTA seem to be fixed in a clear vinegar brine, not very crisp or sour.

    1. Sorry. I am not sure you will find any out east. I can not say that I have searched everywhere. But I have kept my eyes peeled for 10 years and have resigned myself to occasional pickles from Yummy Market or Starsky's (when I am out west on an A1 run).
      Although not barrel cured I have also been enjoying Torshi pickles lately.
      I eagerly anticipate the answer to your question.

      1. look for Moishes Pickles at your local big name grocer or at Costco, these are barrel cured, look for them in the refrigerated deli meat section. here is an excerpt from their website...

        Kosher Dill Pickles are a signature item at Moishes, served to guests as soon as they are seated. Produced in barrels in small batches following Moishes original recipe, chilled and packaged with their original brine, for an authentic old world taste.

        these are made in Montreal..

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          Not sure about the OP but personally. I am hoping he finds a place that has open containers of pickles. I like the half sours, still crisp, not too fermented but still briney. I go to Yummy and Starsky's because I only buy 3-5 pickles at a time. I like my half sours fresh.

        2. Thank you all for the responses. I will venture out to Yummy's or Starsky's and check out their goods! That sounds like my best bet, so far. I do like the Moishe's, too. But I just love the ones you get right from the barrel. Yum!