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Nov 13, 2012 12:29 PM

Go West Young Man - La Posada, Meat House, Walden Italian Kitchen

La Posada in Arlington is excellent homey mex. Got the chimichanga / taco lunch plate. Both very good. House made hot sauces were firey and excellent. Nothing crazy here, but solid Mexican food.

Grabbed two, two pound porter house steaks at the meat house in Arlington. Dang those were nice steaks. $11.99 a pound for meat that would have been 2X+ as much at Savenors. See photo below, note that is a 12" cast iron skillet and notice the dollar bills for scale. They were 1.5" thick and awesome.

Finally Walden Italian Kitchen makes some of the best za (heavy on the semolina flour) in greater boston. We ordered 2 pies and ate em on the spot. Can't vouch for the slices. Similar to Sabatino's in Arlington when they are on, but I would give a slight edge for the sheer awesomeness of the crust to WIK. Had one with Sausage and peppers and the other with musrooms. Generous sausage, just plain excellent pizza.

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  1. Gorgeous steaks! I have had mostly very good experiences with my purchases from the Meat House, but very bad with one guy who maybe isn't there anymore, at least I have not seen him for awhile. Last winter I got the most amazing cross-cut pork shanks for porko buco, skin on and all. And they say they will order anything although I have not tried it.

    1. WIK was a staple for me when I lived in West Concord. Great italian style pie. But of all the pizzas I've ordered there, I can't say any of the toppings were ever generous - even when ordering a double topping. Pretty good pasta dishes too. I wondered if they have any association with Sabatino's in Waltham (also don't know if Waltham Sabatinos is associated with Arlington Sabatino's) as their menus are eerily alike in their print style and items - and the pizza is quite similar. Could be just the same printer and suppliers though.

      1. Three places I like very much. Walden is our go-to for pizza. I particularly like the salami, and agree that the crust is top-notch. We were Sorrento fans, but Walden makes a better pie.

        The Meat House ordered beef shanks for me last year. The burger is quite good, and I like the steak tips. My son had a very good conversation with a kid who looked about 16 about the differences in the marinades for the tips. He knew his stuff and made some good suggestions.

        I haven't been to La Posada for a while and need to get back. The ensalada de nopales is fresh and tasty. I prefer the burritos at Zocalo but think La Posada has the edge on beans and enchiladas.

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          Not intending to be nitpicky, just informative, but as far as i know, 'nopales' /cactus paddles , like huitlacoche/corn fungus, are not available fresh in boston. Canned , yes(and maybe frozen as w/ huitlacoche. ) Of course, the greens in the salad could have been fresh/lovely, and good to know you enjoyed the dish. We were unimpressed on our one visit but if their chilaquiles turn out to be as good as Tenoche's rajas, we'd be thrilled.

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            I'm pretty sure I've seen fresh cactus leaves at Wegmans in Northborough.

        2. Thanks so much for posting this! I sorely miss sabatinos in Arlington (used to live close by). Will check out WIK!

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            If any of you are in the Arlington area at lunchtime, La Posada has FABULOUS specials. Chilaquiles are amazing and about six bux.