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Jul 27, 2005 10:34 PM

San Diego Street Scene Eats?

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Uhh...I'm going to Street scene at Qualcomm stadium this weekend. Staying with a friend in Chula Vista and tramming it down with a small gang of hooligans and morally upstanding ladies.

Where are some good places to eat:

1. Around Qualcomm stadium (no cars..taking the trolley)?

2. Inside the venue? Anyone ever go? Experiences with the chow?

3. How much are beers there at Street Scene?

4. Any recomendations in Chula Vista? I'm also going to probably try to sneak in a little consulting gig on Saturday morning with a client that happens to be in the area. Looking for a good, quick lunch spot.


Any chill beach recos for Sunday. Going back to LA, probably gonna grab some relaxing food at the beach somewhere (I don't know where). Looking for a good scene, not TOO crowded, but crowded enough to have a rawkus time with good chow.

Thanks. I'll most likely end up eating with the crowds, but any insight or input may be good.


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  1. This is the first time Street Scene will be held in the Qualcomm parking lot. I assume it will be like the old days of SS where they do not allow you to leave the venue. Once you walk out the gates, you probably won't be able to get back in. That said, there are some good places at Fenton Marketplace (the stop just before Qualcomm). There's Islands, The Little Fish Market, Subway, Oki Ton (bistro-style sushi - okay, not great, and pricey), and Ikea even has some good eats (honest!). Within walking distance (a healthy walk) the other direction (just east of the stadium) is MacGregor's and Chiba (good sushi and cheap). At the venue, there will be the usual food vendors. Food isn't awful, but it's not really cheap. I seem to remember beer being around $4, but it could be more, and you're restricted to drinking in the designated areas because it's all-ages. I'll be braving the crowds again this year. It's all about the music. :) Enjoy!

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      Been drivin' by Quaalcom every day this week watching them putting Street Scene together. Looks like it's going to be a huge amount of fun. I second Phee's rec for the Fenton Parkway trolly stop. In addition to the places she mentioned there is also an Oggi's pizza, an Islands, an IHOP and yes, IKEA (2nd floor) is an option for some pretty good cheap eats in a hurry. On the blue line trolley, once you hit downtown there are food options at almost all the stops with only a couple of exceptions. Little Italy, Old Town, Fashion Valley (mostly chains here, except Blueberry Hill in the FV food court does a reasonably decent hamburger and fries), Mission Valley (Maggie Moo, Sammi's Woodfired Pizza and Quiznos) and then Fenton. Stadium food is stadium food, the usual suspsects at the usual inflated prices.

      There have been a few recent posts about Chula Vista, if you do a Ctrl-F search of this board I think you can find them. Chilepm is partial to the Argentinian place in CV as well as Cilantro's. I think there were some recent (i.e. within the last 3-4 months?) posts about taquerias in CV.

      1. re: Gayla

        Fashion Valley has The Cheescake Factory, Crocodile Cafe, CPK and Pizzeria Uno. Plus, the Nordstrom's cafe has good food for quick service!

    2. On Sunday, a burger at Hodad's in Ocean Beach fits the bill (walkable to the pier). A little more sedate would be a fish sandwich at Pt. Loma Seafood (bayside on the peninula). Have fun!

      5010 Newport Ave, Ocean Beach
      2805 Emerson St, Pt. Loma

      1. Thanks for the recos...unfortunately, it was a group and I wasn't driving but still had some good eats.

        Friday went to Pacific Beach for a bit before the concert. Got some drinks and smoked the hookah at the Zanzibar. Next door to it was a branch of "Cotija's". It was ok...nothing great, but better than most LA fast food mexican (I really like SD's MUCH better).

        At street scene itself, the beers were 5 bucks and sickenly fruity drinks were 6 with a shot of some cheap liquor. Had too many. Food was ok if you chose wisely. The mexican food was generally overpriced....4 costco microwave taquitos with a scoop of guacamole (not bad guacamole) for 7 bucks!!!! Also had 2 tacos there (7 bucks again)...they were huge, but pretty crappy.

        Also had in one of the beer gardens a Teriyaki chicken bowl at this hawaiian place with pineapple which was only 5 dollars and was pretty good.

        Outside of the event, we went to JV's mexican after the concert on Moorea street somewhere. I didn't know the area and was pretty drunk riding in my friends car anyway. The food was REALLY good there...tried a piece of my friend's Roast Pork Burrito and split some nachos and taquitos with some other friends...the nachos were AWESOME...the chips themselves made the difference. They were thinner and crispier...fresher if you will. Fantastic. My 2nd time here...GREAT fast mexican food.

        1. going again this weekend. This time staying at Marriott in Mission Valley. Any recos..preferrably walking distance as parking/traffic is gonna suck. don't know the area at all but apparantly I can walk to Qualcomm.

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          1. re: Xericx

            Yes, you can walk to Qualcomm from that Marriott- less than 1/2 mile. There's a Wahoo's Fish Tacos nearby that's very good for quick, relatively healthy and inexpensive eats. Other inexpensive options nearby are Pat & Oscar's and Daphne's Greek Cafe (both in the Sears Essentials mall area).

            1. re: jlls

              I second Wahoo's. They have reasonable food for good prices, and good service (usually). It'd mexican-ish food. The Wahoo's over there is nestled inside the center of an apartment complex, right? It might be hard to find.

              1. re: ekomega

                Yeah, I eat at wahoos a few times per month in LA.

          2. You can walk to Qualcomm - it's about a mile and a half - or take the trolley but it'll be packed. Not much in the way of "good eats" between here (I work down the street from the Marriott) and there. Across from the Marriott (kitty-corner) at the Rio Plaza, there's Pat & Oscar's, Sombrero's, Daphne's, Chinese fast food, Wendy's, and directly across to the west is a Wahoo's and a little deli. I'd cover the other direction, but I already did that in last year's post, and the only thing in Fenton Marketplace that's changed is the addition of Tacos del Mar. It's....okay. I'll be going to Street Scene again this year, and will plan to chow beforehand so I can afford a couple of beers at the show!

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            1. re: phee

              any of those restaurants good to drink a few drinks beforehand? And bars in the immediate area?

              Maybe I'll hit up Fenton Marketplace if I'm bored.....

              Any other suggestions on the trolley? Looking for some fun restaurants to party at if bars along the trolley line too.

              Of course I'll have a fully stocked bar in my hotel room. :)

              1. re: Xericx

                Oggi's has good pizza and they brew their own (good) beer. It's really Oggi's Pizza and Brewing Company. I would definitely recommend that for a good taste of local beer.

                That area is kind of residential/commercial/weird industrial, so there's not any strict bars in Fenton. There's a Dave and Busters a short distance away, but I wouldn't recommend walking. The D&B is right under the freeway overpass.

                1. re: ekomega

                  If you go East from Qualcomm on the road that runs in front of the stadium, there is a small shopping center with a passable sushi place, a liquor store/deli that makes decent sandwiches, and a "real" bar whose name I can't remember, tho' Phee might know. You can also take the green line trolley east one stop and walk up Ward Rd. to the shopping center.

                  1. re: DiningDiva

                    I believe our DiningDiva would be referring to McGregor's as the bar, and Chiba as the sushi place. Oggi's does have good beer, but if you're looking for mixed drinks, I can only think of McGregor's, Islands, or the bar in your hotel.

                    1. re: DiningDiva

                      McGregor's (the bar referred to by DiningDiva) is the only decent bar in walking distance to the stadium, but as a result, it's typically jam packed.

                  2. re: Xericx

                    You can take the trolley west to Hazard Center and Prego, which has a very nice bar area that serves the full menu. Prego has been around a long time and tends to be overlooked. I still like it alot and the place does not get mobbed like it used to.