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Nov 13, 2012 12:15 PM

Meaty sandwiches-Various locations London.

I've been on a bit of sandwich mission lately and thought I'd thought I would share my thoughts.

Rib Man - Eat St Kings Cross (now rebranded as Kerb)
Sandwich: Rib Roll.
Pork was succulent and juicy but lacked a good porky flavour. May have been under whelmed with the flavour because I'd had a pork bun from Kowloon bakery for second breakfast prior to this. Sauce was ok but wasn't blown away.Roll was soft but nothing to write home about.

Kimchi Cult- Kerb- Kings Cross
Sandwich:Korean Mexican Grilled Sandwich
The bread was good however this was undermined by there being too many fillings rendering it somewhat soggy. Pulled pork was good but the avocado was unnecessary and with the cheese and dressing made for a confusing sandwich. Kimchi was somewhat overpowered by all the other fillings and there wasn't enough of it.

Reubens- Baker St, Marylebone
Sandwich: Reuben
Good rye bread and sauerkraut, pickles ok. The salt beef was very good with an excellent proportion of fat, preferred it to the Brass Rail. It was a big sandwich but £14 is taking the proverbial.

Deli West One, Blanford St, Marylebone.
Sandwich:Tongue Sandwich
Rye Bread was quite good but not great.The beef tongue was full of flavour and melt in the mouth. Odd texture though and not sure they peeled it properly. Service not particularly friendly and I had to go back for my pickles and mustard which they forgot.

Tongue and Cheek, Kerb Kings Cross
Sandwich:Pork Cheek Sub
Excellent soft griddled sub roll. Wonderful porky, succulent fall apart pig cheek. Excellent sharp slaw, mainly red cabbage with dressing rather than mayo may that cut through the richness of the pork cheek. Port reduction gave nice flavour note. Excellent sandwich.

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  1. When did you go to Deli West One? I think it's closed down now.

    1. Tongue and Cheek also do a fantastic burger, called the Heartbreaker, the patty is a mix of ox heart and other cuts of beef and is full of fabulous beefy flavour. Moist too.