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need suggestions for gf and kosher snack items

Having a gf house guest and I need a suggestion of one or more yummy snack options, other than Tastey Kakes (which makes a GF product line and I know he likes) ANyone? Something for late night munchie kinda thing.

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  1. Pirate's Booty
    Popcorn/kettle corn
    Dried fruit

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      I thought Pirate's Booty wasnt kosher - need to check thay again I know where to buy that! THANKS!

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        They are OU-D. Trader Joe's has a lot of GF/K stuff.

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          How I missed that IDK, thanks:) I LOVE TJ's:)

    2. Nuts? Cut up fruit? Cut up vegetables? Or does it have to be a junk food item (not that there's anything wrong with that)? Tortilla chips are generally gluten-free (just check the label) so chips and salsa is another option.

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        It will be for late night munching after my hs reunion with my former Sr prom date, me and my hubby so I was thinking junk:) I LIKE the idea of chips and salsa:) YUM! THanks!
        I am not gf but do (ok often) buy the gf offeringd by AMys, which I LOVE. I just dont want o make a long time friend sick.
        Thanks for the help guys!

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          An assortment of cheeses and GF crackers (and a nice mustard) can't hurt.

      2. I believe Terra chips are gluten free. I know for sure the Terra Stix are since I used them to make a salad this Shabbat and noticed it said GF on the bag.

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          MMM I Like Terra Chips:) Thanks! Is hummas usually GF ?

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            Most hummus is. Actually, everything made by Sabra is GF.

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              Ahh I eat more GF food than I even knew;)

        2. Also check the frozen sections for cookies, cupcakes, etc.

            1. As you can see there are a lot of processed items that are now gluten free, so if you have a favorite that no one mentioned then ask, as it has been pointed out a lot of items are gluten free BUT it is still surprising what is NOT gluten free (ie things like Hunt’s ketchup, various Heinz products, etc) and DO NOT depend on the ingredients list unless the company says that is ok (Kraft will always include gluten in their ingredients list) since cross contamination is a real issue. Also if you are looking at a specific gluten free product (that is made for the gluten free consumer) ask for comments since some/too much are horrible.

              If the package doesn’t indicate it is gluten free a lot of the websites are now telling you the gluten free status plus most companies can tell you right on the phone.

              Besides what has been mentioned I want to add the following:

              Cheese–so far the only kosher cheese that I have found that might have gluten is blue cheese (which may be so small a quantity that it is technically gluten free). So far I have found that all the kosher processed cheeses in the US are gluten free.

              Ice Cream–if you need Cholov Yisroel then be careful since Klein’s will not say if an item is gluten free (based on my past conversations with the owners. They are worried they may accidently make someone ill so err on the side of caution). I haven’t checked into any other cholov yisroel brands. I know that Edy’s is ok except for those that are obviously gluten (ie cookies and cream, etc). For parev ice cream you need to check each brand, some/most are gluten free but I haven’t bought any in years so don’t know the current information.

              Herr’s, Utz chips are mostly gluten free, check ingredients. Supposedly Lay’s has products that are gluten free but I have never gotten over the fact that gluten containing items were found in packages of items that were supposedly gluten free and will not use their products (remember I have been gluten free for 13 years so supposedly they have learned how to get around this problem but there are enough items available that are gluten free so don’t need to use lays). I know that other brands are gluten free so check the packages for information.

              Hummos–I have not found one that has gluten but Sabra, Trader Joe’s, Cedar are all definitely gluten free.

              There are various crackers available that are gluten free. However gluten free crackers can have strong flavors so opinions will vary as to what someone will eat. Plus people with celiac have a tendency to have food allergies so that can also cause problems with what someone will eat. One that seems to be universally liked are the ones made by Osem which is sold in the US under the Ener-G and Glutino labels (check that they are from Israel), these are not the healthiest since they are caloric & have no fiber.

              Pretzels–boy this has changed from when I was diagnosed 13 years ago. Then there was the EnerG circle shaped pretzels which are actually made by Osem and were the only ones that were made in (I think) the whole world. Now we have Snyder’s, EnerG (from Osem), EnerG (Whylde made by EnerG–which I personally prefer), Glutino (some from Osem), Brachmans (which a friend likes but is hard to find). Some are dairy but most are pareve.

              Trader Joe’s has a lot that is gluten free including Udi’s bread which is the only bread that I can buy fresh (it keeps about 5 days on my counter). There is no difference in the fiber between the various breads from Udi’s but I personally prefer the white sandwich. Lots of their candies are ok, some of their chips are gluten free/kosher. Most of the nuts & dried fruit are ok. They make a gluten free gingersnap that is excellent but made on dairy equipment (I know that someone that keeps cholov yisroel eats these based on information from the Kof-K that gives the certification).

              Mail order. Check out nuts.com. They have a lot of items that are kosher/gluten free and deliver the next day if ordered by I think 4pm (except for Friday’s). Lots of nuts, dried fruits, candies, etc. Fantastic quality.

              Salsa–I have definite preferences based on flavor so usually buy Santa Barbara or Green Mountain. Be careful with salsa since I have eaten one brand (don’t remember name at this time, I ate this at a friends house, the ingredients looked ok) that caused me to be sick for several days.

              Corn tortillas–Mission, Ole (depending upon location they have various names, check their website for other names but not all are kosher, I personally prefer this brand it bends the best, is actually flaky so I buy the largest bags and freeze in packages of 10), Trader Joe’s are gluten free. Check any other brand since they can be made in the same soace as the wheat tortillas but the labels don’t always indicate there is cross contamination.

              Sweets–for Pareve ones there are cookies from Joseph’s and Kinnikinik (the kosher certification is printed on the package next to the date, their products became kosher last year) that are good. There is a rice krispy type bar at Trader Joe’s that is good. The Gingersnaps from Trader Joe’s. A lot of candies are gluten free, but don’t depend on labels here since cross contamination is a real issue. There are lists available that will be current because of all the current holidays that involve buying lots of candy (this would have to be researched since I haven’t been able to keep up with the current gluten free updates due to family issues). Katz and Heavenly Mills both make excellent products. I like the Katz’s donut balls (had custard & jelly filled), rugelach, pie, their coffee bundt cake is FANTASTIC. Heavenly Mills makes an excellent rugelach. I make my own cakes so don’t eat them but people do like the Katz cupcakes.

              Deli meats can be a problem so far the only ones that I personally know are gluten free are Empire, Hod Golan, Wasserman’s (Baltimore butcher that makes their own deli), I have been told that Romanian in Chicago also makes gluten free deli (have not verified).

              I hope these give you more ideas.

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                  was glad to help. I remember how difficult it was 13 years ago when there was so little available and what was known to be gluten free was often not kosher. Today I have so many choices and can choose not to buy a product because I don't think it is healthy enough rather than it wasn't gluten free or kosher.

                  Was in the health food store for something else and checked out the gluten free items to see if anything new was available and realized there were some items that I could add to the list.

                  These are both tasty and even those that don't eat gluten free will eat them. Blue Diamonds Nut Thins and Crunchmasters crackers (I think they also make some things that have gluten so verify). I stopped eating them because they have no fiber and are caloric.

                  BTW crunchmaster has come out with 2 new crackers which I have not found locally. They are apparently starting to sell them on the west coast--one is a cheesy type cracker & the other is flavored with cinnamon & sugar. The one review I read of the cheesy cracker was favorable.

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                    Thanks for all the help. I got alot of fresh fruit (none was touched) Sweet potato Terra Chis (super yummy!) some Sabra Chumas and some Chex cerial. I was a good hostess and my guest was very pleased- thanks;)

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                  Wow, amazing information here, thank you kosherglutenfree! i, too, keep a kosher gluten free home. I knew about Empire but how do you know Hod Golan is gf??

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                    I haven't been buying deli recently so will have to double check at the store that it was Hod Golan was also gluten free.

                    If I am remembering correctly Hod Golan is doing something with I think A & H so don't know how that will affect their gluten free status. A & H is VERY careful about their claims for what is safe for those with food issues, so the only products that are gluten free are the ones that are labeled gluten free. The owner understands food issues and is adamant not to claim something is safe unless he is absolutely certain that there is NO risk for cross contamination.

                    I just returned from Israel so may not get to the store until next week.

                    1. re: kosherGlutenFree

                      Ok, thank you so much for the reply. I remember calling A & H and you're right, they are very careful. But I'm not aware of any of their products being labeled gluten free. The only Hod Golan item I've found to be labeled gluten free is their mini turkey cabanossi. Alternatively, none of Empire's products are labeled gluten free, but are stated as such on their website which I find to be a little odd.

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                        A & H makes (at least they did earlier in the year) several products that are labeled gluten free. Haven't looked for them for a while since I am not routinely eating deli. I think one was a hot dog and something else similar. I believe they also don't have nitrates. The information was in fairly large letters in the middle of the package.

                        My information on Hod Golan was asking the company while at KosherFest several years ago and they told me everything was gluten free. At that time nothing was labeled gluten free so having it on anything is progress.

                        Empire has been funny about their labeling. I don't remember them ever indicating items were gluten free on the packaging but they went back and forth re labeling if an item was KFP year round. Actually alot of companies indicate the gluten free status of a product this way since it is easier to change the website than to change the packaging if ingredients change plus they can then use up old labels but still provide gluten free information. Since there is actually no regulation of what gluten free means many companies are hesitant to even say their products are gluten free or put it on their packages since the regulations (when they finally come out, they were suppose to be issued in 2008) may be different then expected so companies may have to throw out packaging thus costing them money.

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                          It's funny you should mention that about Empire. I had emailed them asking if their gluten free status was limited to their Kosher for Passover items only. They responded that the gluten free products were gluten free regardless of Passover status.