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Nov 13, 2012 11:30 AM

Japanese pancakes in Triangle area?

Does anyone know of any place in the Triangle area where one could find a savory Japanese pancake?

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  1. Is this the okonomiyaki referred to last night? I already mentioned one place called Teriyakin in Morrisville near the Walmart shopping center. Also doing a search it seems like Little Tokyo in Cary and Yamazushi have it at various times.

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      Exactly what we were talking about. Lulu and I went to Akai Hana tonight to celebrate her report card (go Lulu!) and asked there if they knew anywhere in the area. They came up with a blank, so I'm happy to hear that you found someplace (sorry I missed this part of the discussion).

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        Michelle brought it up and we tracked it down but no word on authenticity or if its any good. It seems that there aren't any places that really do it around here.

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        I'm excited to read this! I had okonomiyaki in Japan and loved it. I can't wait to get a chance to have it in this area!

      3. Its very elusive in Charlotte. My previous favorite, now closed, Japanese restaurant used to put it on their Japanese (untranslated) menu. There's one fusion type place here that actually has it on their regular menu but its expensive and from what I've heard not like traditional okonomiyaki.

        Please report if anyone finds it in Raleigh!

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          WEll like I said Teriyakin apparently does it but only this board will tell in time as to whether it is any good. I didn't see any at the local ASian market.

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            It's good and pretty authentic. I do remember getting less of it all in Japan(the pancake, meat, etc), but I won't complain about getting more of the good stuff.

        2. Some of the local Korean restaurants serve pajeon which sounds similar...lots of scallions, sometimes kimchi, seafood, or other meats.

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            Back when I was in college, a dear friend who had just traveled to Japan made me okonomyaki. I think she used bisquick or maybe that was me when I tried to reproduce her results. While it was a savory pancake, it wasn't very authentic. I found an authentic recipe.


            There's a Japanese grocery store in Cary, Toyo Shokuhin & Gift Shop, that is well worth a trip from any part of the Triangle when looking for Japanese ingredients. It's right around the corner from Super Wok. In fact, that little area is a must visit location on a number of levels with the greatest concentration of diverse ethnic options in the Triangle. I want to go there now.