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Nov 13, 2012 10:52 AM

Hotel/Inn with Best In-House Dining in Old Quebec City?

What is your choice for 2012? Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Bar...all suggestions welcome! Thanks!

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  1. If you are staying in Old Quebec, your hotel would be surrounded by restaurants. Are you sure you want to limit yourself to hotel restaurant only?
    We discovered a new hotel just outside Quebec city which serves Aboriginal food. We already had our arrangements but did visit the hotel and noted that business people were going there for lunch. My next trip to Quebec city will involve a stay at this hotel.

    1. If money is not a factor i'd go with Le St-Antoine ( with their restaurant Panache which is really good.

      1. Hi all!

        I am traveling with an in law who is 90 years old, and has pretty severe mobility issues. We're going to be there shortly after the New Year's holiday, so the icy conditions and physical limitations lead me to believe we'd want to have at least a couple of meals in-hotel over the weekend we'll be there.

        1. There's Toast! at the hôtel Le Priori.
          (I've not been to QC in years, and the last time was there).

          1. It's a short drive outside Old Quebec, but Auberge Baker could be an option...

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              A long standing institution we have been going there for years. I have read that it is now a hotel as you have mentioned and believe it got good reviews. We used to stop there on our way to Northern Quebec when we lived in Sept Iles. I still remember how good it was and fun.