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Nov 13, 2012 10:38 AM

Per Se Dilemma

A very good friend recently gave me $600 to dine at per se for my birthday because she knows that I had the best meal of my life there a few years ago; the problem is I am engaged now and my fiance is the fussiest eater on the planet. He is a huge volume eater and doesn't care for vegetables, dairy, grains or seafood. Put it this way, I took him to per se for the dessert tasting menu and he looked at it and refused to eat a single thing. He watched me eat 5 courses of desserts. He tasted the pineapple coronet, spit it out and drank an entire glass of water to "wash the taste out." I love him dearly but I am a foodie and he definitely is not. He is much more of a Plataforma kinda guy. He told me to go with someone else. I don't know anyone that would really be into it other than men I've dated in the past which is not going to happen.

My family keeps kosher as does my friend who gave me the gift. I have another good friend who has a gluten intolerance and is a fussy eater, another friend who had bariatric surgery and anyone else I know is married and it would be awkward or I don't really want to spend that kind of money on and they certainly couldn't or wouldn't pay for a meal like that themselves. I just don't have a lot of foodie friends.

My fiance told me to just go alone but I don't think I could handle or enjoy that. I am a young attractive female dining alone at per se. I feel like everyone would stare at me.

I really do want to go and was super excited until I realized I had no one who could possibly go with me.

Is this totally pathetic?

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  1. Go by yourself, and enjoy! I've read numerous reports on this board of solo diners being treated very nicely at Per Se. I may be dining solo at Per Se myself shortly since I'm in a similar situation (no foodie friends).

    1. Really? This is what you define as a "problem"?

      Go alone and enjoy.

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      1. Same situation here. I received gift certificate to Per Se last Christmas but my gf and friends aren't into fussy French cuisine and can't bear the thought of a four hour meal. And while I'm willing to dine by myself I just can't seem to get a reservation!

        I plan to use the gift certificate incrementally by dropping into the Salon for smaller meals.

        1. I would totally be down for mooching off half a $600 GT to Per Se. Ha! But I am a young unmarried (but taken) male. I still agree with everyone else that you should really consider going solo. Just you and the food!

          1. Go by yourself and if you think you'll feel uncomfortable being the center of attention ask for a table on the second "tier" near the back wall. You'll be able to watch everyone else while enjoying your own company and the company of the staff who will take incredible care of a solo female diner. And no, not even close to pathetic.

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              Go by yourself, and SPLURGE with the extended tasting menu (probably $450 to $550). You can also bring a nice book that you've always wanted to catch up on. If you do that, you'd probably prefer to go during lunch (Friday to Sunday only),