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Nov 13, 2012 10:36 AM

Homemade Christmas candies gift giving for kids

I've made marshmallows, caramel corn, assorted cookies and a failed attempt at caramel apples as gifts for the kids in the past.

I need ideas or recipes that is easy to make and that six-year olds to 18-year olds will love. I would like to try caramel apples but the caramel slid off even though I tried everything that I was suppose to do.

Can Chowhounders offer some other recipe suggestions that will wow the kids? Most welcomed would be a recipe that is fail-proof.

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  1. Assuming no peanut allergies, make peanut butter balls. Mix peanut butter with enough powdered sugar to hold it's shape so you can roll into balls. Dip in melted chocolate (kids probably like milk chocolate) and roll in crushed peanuts.

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      look for "Buckeyes" -- you'll find lots of recipes - they're dipped to look like the state nut (yes, there is one) of Ohio -- the horse chestnut (and it does a pretty decent impression of it!)

      1. re: sunshine842

        My parents are both from Ohio and this is one of our favorite traditional Christmas treats. My mother's recipe for the peanut butter dough is powdered sugar, margarine (she refuses to sub butter here - she says the texture is better with margarine) and Jif creamy peanut butter (accept no substitutes!!!). However, I have a friend from Ohio who makes hers with Skippy and would never consider another brand. They're delicious no matter what.

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          I have a friend here in Paris who set out to make them this past year...but she ran out of patience and energy (she was late in her 1st trimester) after she'd made the peanut she just jammed a square of milk chocolate on top of each ball and called it done. They tasted fine, but they sure did look funny....

    2. These are easy and loved by most kids I've encountered.

      1. Rice Krispie treats are always welcomed by my inner child (slice small enough to fit into mouth -- I hate those massive cinderblock-sized treats). Accessorize seasonally.

        I've only made caramel apples a few times but always used the Kraft caramels and recipe, successfully. Are you using homemade caramel?

        1. I made these payday bars yesterday and everyone loves them and they were very easy

          1. English toffee-- although the parents may decide that they're entirely inappropriate for children and commandeer the whole lot....