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Trader Joe's Fresh Brined Turkeys-Awesome/Bad?

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I am curious for anyone who has made one of these birds before to see if it's worth the extra dollar and some change and if it is better than a chain grocery store bird?

Please share your experiences if you've cooked one of these.

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  1. Just to clarify, they are offering brined or glatt kosher turkeys. We buy the brined turkey year after year and love it. Never had bad results.

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      The glatt kosher turkeys are also brined (or kashered which is essentially the same thing).

    2. Tried one for the first time this year; cooked it on the grill and it turned out great.

      1. I've been cooking TJ's brined turkeys for the last 5 years or so and love them. This is despite TJ's only opening a store in my area this August. Prior to that the turkeys were 'imported" from stores several hours away. They're worth it! It's so much easier than brining a turkey myself, although when I did it myself I would add extra flavorings to the brine. But either way it comes out moist and delicious. And a bit more forgiving when slightly overcooked, as happened on our grill this year.