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Nov 13, 2012 08:28 AM

Has anyone ordered from Pie in the Sky for Thanksgiving?

I decided to try it this year. Yes it's a good deed but I do hope the pie is tasty. I ordered a pecan pie and I guess you have no idea which restaurant/bakery is making your pie. Just curious if someone has ordered in the past and what the pie quality was.

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  1. We get them regularly. Pies are totally fine and straightforward. I have not noticed a difference between restaurants/bakeries. It's a great cause, so it's definitely worth it.

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      Yes, it's not like some people get a Joanne Chang pie, and some people get a pie from some guy down the street. It's a lottery, but all the tickets are winners.

    2. Yes, we used to order when they first started up and the pies are fine.

      (The only reason we stopped ordering from Pie in the Sky is that I bake excellent pies myself and I didn't want to stop! When we can afford it we usually try to at least make a donation every year, even if we no longer take the pies.)

      1. They are promoting the drive today by handing out free coffee and pie samples at a few locations around Boston/Cambridge. It was pecan pie at South Station, and they were portioning out samples from a large casserole dish of "pie," but I thought it was delicious. (And generous! Pecans don't come cheap!) I am not usually in town to purchase a pie for myself, but I plan to donate a pie to one of their clients instead.

        1. Never ordered from them since our family doesn't really do desserts, but I got to volunteer for them once with a group of friends to help them pack pies before delivery. As a treat we can sample broken or destroyed pies, and we got to taste quite a number of them (not on purpose, we swear). I remember them all being tasty - perhaps not re-writing the art of pie making, but all solid, perfectly good pies for a great cause.

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            Mmmm, destroyed piiiieeeeess....