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Nov 13, 2012 08:11 AM

best oysters in montreal

We're excited to be going to Montreal for the first time. I'm taking the fiance to Montreal for a birthday weekend and wanted to sip some champagne and eat oysters. A bistro atmosphere and/or something very "montreal" would be great. We're staying in old montreal, but could taxi. Thanks!

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  1. For simple oysters and Champagne I would go to Lemeac.

    For "prepared" oysters, I'd go to "Le Filet"

    Maybe try Bremner in Old Montreal (I've not been there yet); or Joe Beef if you can get a reservation.


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    1. re: Maximilien

      Many thanks. I'm looking forward to the weekend. Want to try all the Montreal must stops. We're big foodies. Appreciate the help.

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        Although I have not been, I know that Le Pois Penche has a large selection of oysters. I pass by everyday and it seems to have a luxurious ambiance but from what I can tell, there is nothing particularly montreal about it - it is a french brasserie. They undoubtedly have a decent selection of champagnes.

      2. Another possibility for prepared oysters would be club chasse et peche in Old Montreal. I really enjoyed the oysters last time I went.

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            "Please Note: Oysters are subject to availability"

            1. re: Maximilien

              I think that list is every type they ever had. They usually have about a dozen varieties to choose from at various prices. Sold by the unit/6/12.

          2. I think Lawrence still has a $1 oyster happy hour from 5:30-7 thats tough to beat. Some of my favourite oysters were eaten there. it also happens to be a great date restaurant, so I would really try to find a table there.

            1. And for the sake of others searching for oysters but hwho would rather shuck them themselves, my recommendation is to head to Poissonerie La Mer ( on boul. de Maisonneuve, walk into their refrigerated fish and shellfish room, and purchase a selection.

              The staff is friendly and will even shuck one or two for you to try as you make your selection.

              We got Raspberry Points, Coleville Bays and Caribou this weekend and it's quite astonishing how different a single species, o. virginica, can taste (or be opened), depending on how and where it's been raised off the east coast. It's the water version of terroir... meroir?

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                Another place for those of you on the south shore is Odessa at Quartier Dix30, great selection of oysters!

                I agree with the fact that oysters can taste so different, had some J'adore, Blackberry point, Raspberry point, and classic malpèques! Some more salty, some less, more or less meaty!

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                  La Mer is great for service and selection, but not so much for value (or even for freshness). Most anything you can find at La Mer is also available at Norref at a better price. Anyway, these places are all supplied by the same distributors. I seem to recall reading somewhere that all oysters in Montreal come from a single source. Does anyone else recall reading that? I think it was Dave McMillan who said it.

                  1. re: SnackHappy

                    That made me start reading... and it turns out Norref and Odessa are under the same umbrella... if Norref is a distributor, I'm guessing Odessa gettings its stocks from there:
                    "Outre Norref, Alimentation Tracy et le Groupe alimentaire nordique, le Groupe Ferron comprend aussi six poissonneries connues sous le nom d'Odessa (Montréal et Rive-Sud) et une usine de transformation du poulet qui a pour nom Nepco sur la rue Papineau à Montréal."