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Nov 13, 2012 07:25 AM

Prague - What's good?

I will be visiting Prague in the spring and would love recommendations for good food and places where you won't get ripped off. I've read some horror stories on the tripadvisor board about restaurants not posting prices on menus, charging for stale chips already on the table, really bad food, etc. So any suggestions for good, trustworthy service and good food are needed.

It seems pretty easy to find great beer, which of course will be a priority, but we'd also like some good food to go with the beer. Open to any kind of cuisine and any price range. Thanks.

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  1. There are quite a few good posts with info on Prague, did any of those interest you or are you looking for completely different/new information?

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      I've read many of the Prague posts and have found that the same few restaurants seem to be mentioned over and over. And of course, so many of the Prague posts also focus on other cities such as Vienna and Budapest and you really have to pick through the thread carefully to find any info about Prague. So I was hoping to find some info just for Prague and not other places. Maybe choices are limited, but I was hoping to get recommendations beyond Lokal, Degustation and Sansho (and a couple of others that I've forgotten that keep getting mentioned). Is there anything new? Anything beyond the greatest hits that get mentioned repeatedly? Anything where there's no smoking allowed?

      I will be visiting for a week but my son will be studying in Prague for a semester. So any good, inexpensive options would be welcome for him. He doesn't eat pork - I'm sure that will limit him but there must be decent, non-pork dishes that he can find. He loves Indian, Japanese, Thai and Chinese food. And he's willing to try traditional Czech dishes as long as there's no pork involved.

      I did discover a website geared to expats in the Czech Republic, that has a ton of info about restaurants and pubs. That seems like it will be a great resource for him - and for me, when I visit.

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        I've recently contributed a few additions that include other places (in addition to Lokal):

        Most everything recommended here and on this board is in the historic centre/Mala Strana as this board tends to attract posts mostly from visitors and not a lot of local discussion. If you're looking for recommendations outside the centre they may be difficult to come by here. and other expat sites would definately be better sources for long stay and information about areas outside the centre.

        There is not a lot of great Japanese, Thai, Chinese or Indian food in the Czech Republic in general IMO. There are a few hidden gems but again most people on this board are looking for Czech food as they are visiting briefly. I have not personally found a lot of great Asian food in the historic centre of Prague, I'm certain in the suburbs and at the SAPA Market you and your son will find good Vietnamese food as well as Asian ingredients for home cooking. Hopefully someone more local to Prague, I live in Brno, will be able to jump in with better options in the suburbs.

        Not eating pork here is a bit of a challenge, especially with side dishes. I recommend your son always ask if there is any pork in any potato side dishes he orders as that is quite common. But, the roast duck and svíčková (beef), as well as various chicken steak (ie: breast) dishes will be found on most menus.

        Hope this helps.

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          Hi Angelhair,

          There is one great Indian place - The Pind - (No pork!). Ignore all other indians and so called chinese in the centre. I have been looking for a Vietnamese, but no luck so far. Do not even think of japanese or anything else that claims to be sushi.

          Rather formal dining, but very good produce, can be had at the restaurant of the Augustine hotel - Lichfield. Not a budget option, but affordable lunch.

          Still on castle hill is Konyrna. Very basic Czech food with some dignified touches. Lunch a steal at this price/quality.

          And why not consider to have the young gentleman cook himself from produce bought at one of the various farmers markets? The ones at Naplavni, Jiriho n ode brad and Dejvice the best stocked and easy to reach by public transport.

      2. Man, I LOVE Prague. Restaurant David is my personal favourite; I have no clue about Thai, etc. places as I have only eaten traditional Czech food when there. It will be a fabulous experience for you both!

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          looks like Restaurant David has shut down

          (look at the page in google Chrome for auto-translation)

        2. I'm wondering if I could extend this request for a recommendation? My family 2 adults 3 teenage daughters will be spending New Years Eve in Prague staying on King Winceslas Square. Could someone (vanderb you seem to have the place wired!) please recommend a nice - not radiculously expensive restaurant for us to celebrate the end of 2012? Happy for any suggestions....

          Many thanks

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          1. re: tony_brisbane

            Tony sorry I'm not much help for NYE in Prague, we always go to Vienna to celebrate. The only good info I've had is that you want to be near the river with a view of the castle for the midnight fireworks... but that is 2nd hand info.

            Sorry I'm not much help on this one, but I'd love to hear what you do find and experience as it may sway us to visit Prague for NYE in the future.

            1. re: vanderb

              Many thanks for taking the time to reply - I'll keep searching :)