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b. Patisserie opening mid-December on California St (SF)

Yesterday we got the neighbor alert from the ABC notifying that b. patisserie filed paperwork to sell alcoholic beverages at its bricks and mortar shop on California Street at Divisadero. There have been people renovating the building for the last month or so. I hope they're able to stick with the projected mid-December opening date--would be great to pick up something here for holiday parties.

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  1. Tasted the b.Patisserie kouign amann at Front Cafe

    Now waiting for b. Patisserie to open on California & Divisadero : )

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    1. re: Cynsa

      Oh yes, dear neighbor, looking forward to seeing you there when it opens! We will be fat + happy together on kouign amann.

      1. re: pane

        thanks for the alert:
        kouign amann and passion fruit almond bostock
        making me fat + happy this morning

        well-designed space with seating!

        next on the calendar: Feb. 12 opening of The Mill at 736 Divisadero with Josey Baker's breads

        1. re: Cynsa

          The Mill might open on February 15?

      2. Open as of today. I'm glad they took the time to get ready, because the operation seemed pretty seamless for opening day. Very friendly staff, credit card machine working, etc.

        At 12:30 they had only one kouing amann left. Pretty, sunny cafe with non-cramped seating to enjoy a coffee and pastry or tartine. Four Barrel coffee.

        Tartines today were pan bagnat, ham and cheese, roasted chicken with anchovy and caper, flammenkuche, and mushroom with goat cheese and braised leeks. Nice
        option for this otherwise pretty bleak neighborhood, lunch-wise.

        Most of the viennoiserie were things I've seen before from her stuff sold at coffee shops; I was not familiar with her desserts. They were selling "10 hour apple tart," millefeuille, choco-hazelnut tart, and a yogurt and citrus verrine that looked great. We got the lemon tart--lovely brightness, perfect crust.

        I only saw one type of bread for sale, an epi, though Michel and his wife, who I recognized from Thorough Bread, were both working behind the counter on opening day. I hope they expand their bread options--that would be another win for the neighborhood.

        1. And pic of the pastry case

          1. Breads next week.
            Hours TBD:
            Tues-Sat. 7am - 7pm
            Sun 8 am -
            Closed Mondays

            2821 California Street at Divisadero/San Francisco

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              1. re: Cynsa

                Picked up the demi baguette today for lunch; loved it. Great crumb, crust just crackly enough.

            1. Went here today for the first time and was impressed.

              The kouignn amann was really good, and one of the best pastries I've eaten in San Francisco. Worth making the trek here for it.

              A dark chocolate cookie was less impressive. Sort of like a flattened, crunchy brownie. Not bad, but not a shining star.

              Open-faced tartine sandwiches were excellent. I tried one w/ mushrooms and tomato, and another with smoked mozzarella cheese. Unfortunely I don't remember the other details, but both had a nice balance of flavors between different ingredient. They were served cut into 4 pieces, so it was easy to share them.

              I had a pot of tea, which was fine but nothing special. They provide water and you choose a tea bag.

              I will definitely be back for more kouign amann in the future!
              Dave MP

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              1. re: Dave MP

                Was it still warm, Dave? Lord have mercy!

                1. re: Dave MP

                  I like the tea here; it's Harney + Sons brand, which makes a good bracing breakfast tea.

                  We also got a tiny kouignn amann--I'm not sure if there was a bit of extra dough left over so they just decided to bake it off? I haven't noticed different sized versions here before.

                  The tuna tartine is also great, a nice light lunch.

                  1. re: Dave MP

                    I recently had a really nice croissant there.

                    1. re: Dave MP

                      I really like that mushroom tartine, too! The braised leeks really add depth, and then there's some acidity from the goat cheese and cherry tomatoes. The kouign amann steals the show every time, but the tartine's become a part of our usual order.

                    2. She had a berry and a chocolate filled kouign amann this weekend.

                      The pastry for the chocolate-filled is as good as ever, but the liquidy chocolate filling made for a very messy breakfast. The taste was great, but I think it detracted from what is an almost perfect pastry to begin with.

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                      1. re: hyperbowler

                        Funny, chocolate is my least favourite from Starter as well, though I've never had a still-warm and liquidy one. It feels like gilding the lily. I do like that the kas at b. patisserie seem often to be just out of the oven; they certainly were the day we went.

                        1. re: grayelf

                          That's a good point--- getting them fresh and warm is a nice bonus.

                          Heh, come to think of it, I actually do like Starter's chocolate one! Their denser, more hockey-puck shaped KA isn't as delicate as BP's so I find it handles the chocolate better and can be cut in half more easily. Or, it could just be a matter of temperature. Note to self--- bring a thermometer next time.

                      2. Everyone knows the KA is great, and I have nothing to add to that. But please also try the banana chocolate almond croissant and the chocolate toffee caramelia. The croissant was eye-flipping delicious. The soft banana and chocolate intermingled within the crunchy exterior crust and buttery-flakey goodness inside. I ate it all, not leaving any for my wife. She did not complain, however, because upon eating the chocolate toffee caramelia, she compared it to desserts we had at the Taipei Robuchon Salon. The layers of flavor and texture is great. We also tried the casis macarons. I didn't love the flavor itself, but the texture of the macarons is perfect; a bite into it leaves the remaining cookies slightly indented, but no crumbles fall.

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                        1. re: Kirk_T

                          I'll offer a counterpoint that I disliked the banana chocolate almond croissant. Too much banana in the filling and the banana wasn't soft enough in my example.

                          1. re: Melanie Wong

                            I have had the banana chocolate almond croissant twice:

                            1) The first time, it was amazing. Soft banana, slightly melty chocolate. Probably helped that it was very fresh, but the filling was particularly amazing.

                            2) The second time, it was kind of meh. Banana was not soft enough, chocolate seemed minimal. So basically what Melanie describes.

                            So I think it might be a consistency problem.

                            1. re: Dave MP

                              Thanks, I'm sure that's true. Mine came right off the hot baking sheet into my to-go bag. I did like the croissant and almond part and if there's a plainer almond croissant, I get that in a heartbeat.

                          2. re: Kirk_T

                            I recommend the gooey chocolate-filled kouign amann. Bittersweet is the perfect counterpoint.

                            1. re: Windy

                              Agreed re: chocolate ganache filled KA. However, the "red fruit" (their term) KA is even better, for the same reason.

                          3. A friend brought over what I guess from looking on the web site was a vanilla-raspberry yule log: "Almond sponge cake filled with vanilla mascarpone cream, Valrhona Ivoire white chocolate vanilla ganache, vanilla sponge cake soaked in vanilla syrup, vanilla sable breton, raspberry gelee, fresh raspberries and glazed in vanilla glaçage."

                            It was one of the best cakes of that cream-mousse style I've ever had. Every detail was exceptional, particularly the sablé breton and the gelée. I'm not a big sweets person but I had seconds. Beautiful though not in the style of a traditional yule log. It was a roll decorated only with a line of perfect raspberries on top and rectangles of white chocolate sealing each end.

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                            1. re: Robert Lauriston

                              We had B's stollen this year, and it was fantastic. Not a large loaf, so I got two. Dark in color, moist interior, generous dried fruit interior. Crust was rolled in granulated sugar. I also brought a bag of granola (sort of an inside joke, I'd brought a vegetarian friend to Harris Ranch and gave her B granola as a consolation prize) and they wolfed that down immediately as well.